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Tile School

Tile School: How to Choose Your Floor Tile

By Lindsey

Tile School: How to Choose Your Floor Tile

A lot of people ask if we have floor tiles and the answer is, yes of course! In fact, all of our tiles are suitable for interior flooring, the application is what dictates which of our materials will work best for you. Hand made tile floor has been popular for ages, as it is durable, low maintenance and visually appealing. And with #IHaveThisThingWithFloors increasing attention to tile flooring, we have no doubts that we'll only be seeing more of it!

Our Glazed Thin Brick, Tile, and Handpainted Collections can all be used for flooring, it just depends on where you're using it. Below, we're sharing tile floor tips for applications by room. Do you have more questions about what might work best for you? Contact us-- we'll be happy to help!

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2x8 tiles in Flagstone in this serene bathroom.

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Flagstone // Design: Lauren Nelson Design // Image: Thomas J Story

For Your Bathroom Floor:
In a bathroom application, the floor, along with the shower pan floor (if there is one) will often be tiled. You can use any of our materials in a bathroom setting unless you are installing a steam shower. Also please note: Our Glazed Thin Brick can only be used on the floor, not the shower pan.

3x9 tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass.

Tile Shown: 3x9 Tiles in Daisy and Sea Glass // Design: Claire Thomas // Image: Stephanie Todaro Photography

Since the bathroom is a damp environment, it's important to think about slippage. A smaller sized hand made tile floor or a matte finish will serve you (and your feet) well. You can absolutely still use a gloss finish if you like, just consider a bath mat for the areas that will get the dampest.

Hexagons are a great choice for bathroom floors. A smaller size is great for flooring, as the grout joints will lend themselves to more grip for your feet.


Tile Shown: London Fog 6" Hexagon // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Photo: Zan Passante

In the shower pan, definitely scale down. 2-3" hexagons are great options for shower floors, as you can see below:


Tile Shown: Flagstone 2" Hexagons; Salton Sea 3x9 // Design + Photo: The Fresh Exchange


Tile Shown: 3" Hexagons in Glacier Bay; Mini Star and Cross in Glacier Bay and Lapis // Design: Meg Braff Designs // Photo: David Land via Coastal Living

You can absolutely still go for gloss on the floor of your bathroom if you wish. We just recommend that you go for a shape that offers more grout joints, like our Diamond Escher:


Tile Shown: White Wash Diamond Escher // Design: Whitney Leigh Morris // Photos: Monica Wang

Or Hexite:


Tile Shown: Hexite in Dusty Blue, Nautical, and Slate Blue // Design: Young America Creative // Photo: Roger Casas

And last but not least, we love the look of Handpainted flooring:


Tile Shown: Old Cairo in a custom colorway // Design + Photo: Erin Williamson Design

Try our Color-It-Tool for your own customized handpainted tiles!


Tile Shown: Elephant Star in Cool Motif // Design: Bee Studios // Photo: Rickie Agapito


Tile Shown: Starburst in a custom colorway; Tusk Mini Star and Cross // Design: In Honor of Design // Photo: Rustic White Photography

For Your Kitchen Floors:
We think that our Tile, Brick or Handpainted are great options for kitchen flooring. Also, because the kitchen is far less damp than a bathroom setting, you can go for more glossy finishes and larger format sizes if you wish. The point is, you have a lot of options in a hand made tile floor.

We love how our Thin Glazed Brick looks in the kitchen below:


Tile Shown: Glazed Thin Brick in Cascade // Design + Photo: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Handpainted Agrarian Tile floor.

Tile Shown: Handpainted Fallow, Grange // Design: Taylor & Taylor + Anne Sage // Image: Monica Wang Photography

For Your Entryway or Mudroom:
Your entryway or mudroom can be an area that sees a lot of traffic and can also get wet (depending on where you live). We suggest going with a small to medium sized tile in a gloss or matte finish. Since it is bound to get dirty, we recommend choosing a stain resistant grout so that you're not cleaning it all the time.


Tile Shown: Mini Star and Cross in Salton Sea and Daisy // Design + Photo: Tiffany Weiss Interior Design

A matte finish, like the one below, paired with a grey grout is ideal for an entryway:


Tile Shown: Wave in a custom color in The Perennial's entryway. For a look like this try our glaze Antique!

Commercial flooring:
For commercial flooring, all of our matte glazes and two satin—Sunflower and Sorbet—feature a DCOF rating above .42 making them suitable for wet environments where slipping could otherwise occur. With over 40+ sizes in 38 colors, there is a style and color perfect for any floor. With a breaking strength of 393 pounds per foot, our ceramic tiles will withstand the rigor of commercial flooring applications.

If you have questions about commercial flooring, just contact us here.

If your project is in an area where rainfall is frequent we can add abrasive to your glaze selections for extra slip resistance. Cosube Surf in Portland opted for matte colors in our specialty shape Hexite and added our abrasive finish:


Tile Shown: Hexites in Flagstone, Iron Ore, Magnetite and Tidewater // Design: Goldenrule Design and Emily Katz

A similar abrasive was used on the entryway of The Assembly in San Francisco along with matte glazes Sunflower and Feldspar:


Tile Shown: Paseo in Sunflower and Feldspar // Design: Sara and Rich Combs // Photo: Margaret Austin

Like any of the featured colors? Order samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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