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HandpaintedBlock Shop x Fireclay Tile

A California Collab

Block Shop x Fireclay Tile is a collaboration between two California Makers inspired by the creative spirits of female artists who helped pave the way for today's modern visual culture. Combining our artisanal techniques of traditional woodblock printing and handpainted tile, Block Shop and Fireclay came together to create a personalized and interactive design experience. Learn more about the collaboration here.

Partners with Purpose

Partners with Purpose

In honor of the women artists who paved the way to make this collaboration possible, we’re donating 5% of proceeds to Allies in Arts to support the next generation of courageous creatives. Allies in Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to support artists who are womxn, BIPOC, and LGBTQQIA2S+ — all of whom are underrepresented individuals in creative industries. Learn more about our donation partner.

4 Ways to Play

Single Pattern Repeats - Use either the Squiggle or Signal pattern to create simple yet dynamic repetitions.

Pattern Blocks - Our multi-design patterns, Roundabout and Dot Dash, can be sold as blocks of repeating patterns.

Alongside Our Field Tile - The beauty of this collection is that you can mix in solid fields of color to further complement your design. We recommend mixing in our budget-friendly Foundations Collection.

Go Fully Custom - Choose your own colors and dryline to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

These highly configurable patterns of bold geometric figures allow you the freedom to design a unique patchwork of your own imagination. What will you create?

4 Ways to Play

Building Blocks

Want to take the guesswork out of pattern play? Dot Dash and Roundabout are available in pre-configured blocks of tile. Designed in partnership with the block print experts themselves, Block Shop Textiles! Click Here to explore block configurations.

Building Blocks
Handpainted Coasters

Handpainted Coasters

To host and toast. Enjoy Block Shop x Fireclay Tile with one of our limited Coaster Sets for a fresh look to go with a refreshing drink. Great for gifts and no grout required. Visit our Shop for more -- Cheers!

Charcoal Motif

Plein Aire Motif

Lapis Motif

Gesso Motif

Fresco Motif

Wood Motif

Clay Motif