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Designer Spotlight Hilton Carter

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Meet Hilton Carter

What can a plant bring to your space? Just ask Hilton Carter. For more than a decade, this plant and interior stylist, artist, and author has made a name for himself by giving life to interiors with an assist from Mother Nature.

Not everyone has a green thumb like Hilton, but with a little effort and the right light, he can have you growing in no time.

Learn more about Hilton, step inside his home, and see what kind of impact plants can have on your environment!

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Inside Hilton's Home

Hexite Sunroom Floor

Hilton went wild building out this Baltimore sunroom. Hexite Tile in a blend of Feldspar, Ivory, Dolomite, Tumbleweed, Chateau, and Halite creates a confetti floor of muted earth tones with the perfect mix of textures, colors, and details.

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Triangle Tile Powder Room

Hilton uses a little creativity and a quilt-like pattern of 4 inch Triangle Tiles in a blend of Calcite, Dolomite, Magnetite, Desert Bloom, and Tumbleweed to make this petite powder room something to celebrate.

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More Than Green

Greenery is just the beginning. Check out Hilton's favorite colors to complement the plants in your home including Feldspar, Desert Bloom, Ivory, Chateau, Tumbleweed, Dolomite, Calcite, and Magnetite.

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