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Glazed Thin Brick

One of our oldest and most beloved materials takes on a colorful new look with 28 standard colors to choose from. Brick is made by one of our manufacturing partners in California, who is carrying on a centuries-old tradition of brick making. Once Brick arrives at Fireclay we apply hand mixed, lead-free glazes, then fire at near 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process creates a durable, lasting, easy to clean and colorful surface suitable for the smallest and largest projects on your list.

Glazed Thin Brick

Soaring Heights

Thin Brick has been used to clad exteriors for centuries. Our expert production teams combined with large volume manufacturing capabilities, allow your projects to reach new heights both inside and out. 

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Reliable Neutrals, Intriguing Colors

Texture gives Brick it's industrial appeal, while color softens it's edges. With a standard offering of 28 colors and full custom color capabilities* there's something to fit every project.

*color customization carries minimums and fees 

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Glazed To Handle Your Toughest Project

Our Brick is finished with hand mixed, lead free glazes, then fired at high temperatures. This process creates a cleanable and graffiti resistant surface thats perfect for high impact installations.

It's Graffiti Resistant

Where Industrial Strength Meets Sophistication

Brick has always been a commercial project go-to but it's also right at home in residential installations. Brick adds warmth and texture to backsplashes, floors and fire surrounds. 

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