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Realistic Renderings of Your Space Fireclay Rendering Program

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*Rendering Services are complimentary for our trade members. Trade members are welcome to extend this perk to their clients. All rendering purchases are eligible for a credit towards your tile purchase of 25 square feet or on orders valuing +$500 with a design consultant.

Fireclay Tile Rendering Program Options

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Project Location

How it Works

Don’t wait until your tile is installed before deciding if you’re delighted with the design. Working with your design assistant, our team of artists will create a realistic rendering to help you visualize your project in your space. Choose from 2 options of detail and apply the cost as a credit on your tile purchase!

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Our Concierge-level rendering is as real as it gets, utilizing your precise dimensions and photorealistic graphics featuring best-match fixtures, appliances, cabinets, and lighting to virtually recreate your space with the tile design of your dreams.



Our Premium-level rendering applies your custom tile design to your choice of pre-drawn templates that most closely resemble your space with stunningly lifelike photorealistic quality.



Regardless of a rendering purchase or not, Fireclay Tile always offers free design assistance that includes one-on-one support from a tile expert. This option offers assistance with sample and product selection, ordering, trim selection, and access to all of our resources. It also includes a pattern sheet mockup approximating how your tile design will look.

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The Proof is in Our Projects

Designer Sam Ushiro's sunny, retro bathroom remodel was brought to life with our Concierge rendering that captured every detail long before the finished project came together. See the magic below!


With the design dialed and a visual guide for installers to reference, the final install reflects the rendering precisely, a perfectly executed interpretation of Sam’s original retro bathroom.


Selecting custom Handpainted Tile for the floors, Glass Tile for the walls and sunken tub, and Ceramic Tile for the vanity countertop, our photorealistic rendering brought her vision to life.


Sam Ushiro of Aww Sam bought her 1979 home with the intention of staying true to the 70s-era style. Unfortunately, structural issues in the bathroom meant it was time for a remodel.