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Tile School: Brick 101

Posted by: Kali • Oct 21

Tile School: Brick 101

Brick Tile: Vintage Blue and Glacier

Durable, versatile and timeless, our Glazed Thin Brick can work its magic in a variety of styles and spaces. Whether your project is a rustic kitchen or a contemporary bathroom, our Brick will be right at home in a residence, but can go to work commercially too. Available in 24 lead-free glazes, you can have your pick between soft neutrals or more saturated hues.

Below are 3 things we think you should know about our Brick:

1. What its made of:
Made of 99% reclaimed earth, we get our Brick from McNear Brick and Block in San Rafael, CA, who have been supplying brick to the area since 1868. Due to this, Brick has the quickest lead times (as we are not making the materials), at 1-3 weeks! Our Brick comes in a standard size of 2.5 x 8, but is simply thinner than your standard brick, as you can see below:

Brick Shown: Brick fresh from glazing; you can see here that our brick is the same rusty red color as typical brick.

2. Where it can go:
Brick can be installed nearly anywhere. From your kitchen, to your bathroom to your fireplace, it will fit right in. It is also very well suited for commercial spaces and has been used many a time in restaurants, retail spaces and grocery stores. The only limitation you have is that because it is made of more porous materials, it cannot be installed in steam showers, pools or on exteriors that are located in harsh climates (more on that here). 

Tile Shown: Cotton Brick and Prickly Pear Glass pair nicely together in this commercial space.

Brick Shown: Snow in a rustic kitchen

Brick Shown: Galaxy fireplace surround

Brick Shown: Snow Brick in a bathroom

Tile Shown: Cotton Brick flooring; our Brick works wonderfully for residential flooring. (Brick also looks great paired with tile)!

3. How it can be installed:
Don't forget: just because you have chosen Brick, you are not limited to the classic, horizontal offset pattern (even though it does look great)!

Brick Shown: Northwoods and Glacier in a Herringbone pattern

Brick Shown: Cotton in a Straight Set pattern in a restaurant.

Brick Shown: Vintage Blue and Glacier in a striped Parquet Pattern

Brick Shown: Scarlet and Glacier in a vertical offset pattern

Also keep in mind that we have Brick corner pieces if you need to turn a corner in your project and we also can glaze the edges as well.

Brick Shown: A corner piece.

Brick Shown: Glazed Long Edge Brick in Snow

Interested in using brick for your project? Order samples online! Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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