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Glazed Thin Brick

Brick Tile Colors

Representing the rugged mountain landscapes of America, our Brick glazes are an ode to nature in all of its shades. From snowy whites to bold reds, blues, and greens, these hand-mixed glazes enhance the surface of the Brick, delicately exposing its unique textures and variations with the colors of the environment around us.


  • What is Brick Tile?

    Also known as brick look tile or brick slips, brick tile is a thin brick measuring approximately ½” thick. Because of the thinness of the brick, it can be worked with similar to a conventional ceramic subway tile.

  • What is Brick Tile Used For?
    • Commercial, hospitality, and residential settings
    • Interiors and exteriors
    • Walls, vertical and horizontal surfaces
    • Residential and low traffic floors
    • Fireplace surrounds
  • Where Can’t Brick Tile be Installed?
    • No installation on countertops
    • No installation inside the firebox of a fireplace
    • No installation on steam room showers
    • No installation on pools
    • No installation on shower pans
  • What Color Grout for Brick Tile?

    We recommend using a natural color sanded grout and avoiding contrasting grout colors. Contrasting grout colors should be used with grout release and tested for staining on the thin brick before grouting.

  • Is Brick Tile Durable?

    Our Brick Tile has a breaking strength of 626 lbs per foot and is tested for abrasion resistance*. Brick Tile is acceptable for use in freeze/thaw environments.

    *Please inquire about abrasion test results as data is dependent on the glaze.

  • Is Variation Expected in Brick Tile?

    As with all handmade tile and brick, some degree of color and size variation is to be expected. Variation provides Brick Tile with the artisan one-of-a-kind quality all Fireclay Tile is famous for.

  • How to Tile with Brick Tiles

    View our Brick Installation Guide*

    *Note to Homeowner: This is not a step-by-step installation guide, but general precautions and tips on how to install and care for your tile. Though some are very confident in their DIY skills, we always encourage a professional to perform your installation to ensure the longevity of your tile. Please contact us with specific questions not addressed in this guide.