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Project Spotlight: Driftwood and Big Horn Bathroom

By Lindsey

Project Spotlight: Driftwood and Big Horn Bathroom

Pairing muted subway Tile with an earthy herringbone Brick floor, the designers at High Street Homes have lived-in luxury down to an art. Keep reading for our full interview with Brett and Kara! 

Meet Brett + Kara of High Street Homes (HSH)

Brett + Kara of High Street Homes

High Street Homes is a design and build firm based outside of Fort Worth, TX. We focus on creating homes with everyday design in mind and help people make the most of every moment along the way. We work on a limited number of projects every year, including a mix of interior design, one-of-a-kind new construction and full renovations. Our designs are known for their thoughtful floor plans, clean lines and abundant natural light.

How did you get involved with this project?
We’ve spent the last 8 years working on full-scale renovations and custom homes for clients and while we love that work, we began to get restless to create a project on our own. Working new ideas out together is our very favorite and we knew that there was a market for lifestyle homes available for purchase. The Parks House is our debut "Market Home," thoughtfully and beautifully designed homes, for sale at completion. Not everyone has the time or ability to design a custom home, which is where we come in to help take the stress, curate the selections and manage the entire process through completion. It is part art and part time tested design and building know-how. 

Monochomatic Bathroom

Design: High Street Homes // Images: Jen Morley Burner // Tile shown: Driftwood 2x6 and Big Horn Glazed Thin Brick

How involved were your clients in the design/build process? 
Since we were our own clients, I’d say “very” involved :) There were a lot of small changes throughout the process and we had to rein in our design ideas from time to time, but one thing we knew from the start and never conceded on along the way was the importance of incorporating handmade materials into the project. 

Handmade Glazed Thin Brick in Herringbone

Can you tell us about the space? Is there any story behind it and the project that you want to share? 
Early on, we decided that it was necessary to create a story for each home that we designed as a way to inform the building process. The HSH Parks house is designed and built for a growing family that has an appreciation for form and function. A family that embraces community, casual elegance and moments of retreat. The main bathroom was the room we focused on to communicate this point of view. Pairing Glazed Thin Brick and rectangular subway tile allowed us to establish an understated luxury against an earthy backdrop of Sherwin Williams “Retreat.”

Handmade Tile Ceramic and Brick Bathroom

What type of look or aesthetic were you going for?
We are a sucker for clean lines and vintage finds. One of the biggest challenges in building a new home is bringing character that only comes with age. We find that creating focal walls with tile and bringing in handmade materials elevate and anchor a space. Fireclay Tile was the perfect way to add both of those elements. 

Muted Green Subway Tile Bathroom

How did you come up with your color scheme and design?
We looked at homes in the English countryside and in the North East. To establish a feeling of timelessness, we selected white marble, mixed metals and covered the walls with an earthy hue. The lighting made the space feel as though it had been layered over time. 

Brick Herringbone Bathroom Floor

Why did you choose Driftwood for the walls? 
Surprisingly, one of our first selections was our paint color, Sherwin Williams "Retreat." We knew right away that we needed a tonal tile to establish a sense of luxury but not turn that room too glam. Driftwood was the perfect fit. The hue is calming and the light throughout the day reflects beautifully off each piece of tile. We also liked the classic shape and size when laid in an offset brick pattern

Fireclay Tile and Grout Pairing

What about Big Horn on the floor? 
Big Horn is a great foundational piece that carries a range of variation and pairs beautifully with blues and greens. The handmade character provides the right amount of depth for a newly built home. We used a herringbone pattern to create interest and movement in the bathroom.

Brick Herringbone Floor Installation

How did the installation process go?  Did you face any challenges? 
Installation went great!  We worked with a tile installer to make sure everything measured out perfectly. The field tiles can come with a glazed edge, which allowed us to create a clean finish in the corners and niches and save us on having to order decor trim pieces.

Monochromatic Bathroom

You've worked with our tile a few times now, any tips you'd like to share about working with handmade tile?
Think through your transitions. Also, it’s helpful to layout your floor ahead of installation since handmade tiles have character and you might want to manipulate your pieces. Embrace the imperfection and patina!

Handmade Bathroom Wall and Floor Tile

See more of Brett and Kara's Fireclay projects here. Feeling inspired? Click here to request samples. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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