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Handmade Tile Sizes

See your installation take shape with our Handmade Tile Sizes. Whether your style is classic and understated, fresh and modern, bold and playful, or something in between, you’ll love the distinctive, heirloom quality that comes with every tile we make. Our tile is handmade so size variation is to be expected. If designing a specific pattern, contact us to understand if tile will be modular.

Ceramic Tile Sizes and Shapes

With 11 standard sizes and 19 unique specialty shapes, we have a ceramic tile shape to match every design style and application. From classic to contemporary, intricate to impactful, timeless to tastemaking, kitchen or bathroom, fireplace or outdoor space, our wide variety of shapes and sizes makes virtually any design idea possible.


  • What is Subway Tile?

    Subway Tile is a glazed rectangular ceramic or porcelain tile made famous by the New York City subway system. The classic subway tile measures 3”x6” although many rectangular tiles ranging from 2x4 to 3x9 have been come to be called subway tiles. Subway tile continues to be a top choice for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes among other applications.

  • What is Field Tile?

    Field tile refers to standard square and rectangular shaped tiles. We offer field tile in squares from 4x4 to 12x12 and rectangles from 2x6 to 6x12.

  • What are Speciality Shapes?

    Specialty shapes refer to any type of tile that isn’t a square or rectangle. Some specialty shapes, like Star and Cross, utilize complementary shapes to create the desired pattern and shapes like Chaine Homme and Chaine Femme feature an interlocking pattern. Shapes like Picket offer a variety of configurations to create unique patterns.

  • What is Mosaic Tile?

    Mosaic tiles are smaller tiles that are sheeted for easier installation. Mosaic tiles are face taped with clear face tape on the front of the mosaic tile. Our standard mosaic template is a 3/16" grout spacing.

  • What Size Tile Should I Use on Floors?

    All sizes can be used on floors but there are considerations to make depending on the application. Smaller tiles use more grout lines compared to larger tiles and therefore provide more grip making them a great choice for bathroom floors and shower pans where added traction is warranted.

  • What Size Tile Should I Use in a Small Room?

    Larger size tiles on floors or walls in a small room will make the space feel bigger.