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Half Offset

Also known as a running bond or brick pattern, Half Offset is one of the most classic tile arrangements. Often seen in subway tile, the edges of the tile line up with the center of the tile in the row above and below it. Use it to give your space a timeless architectural detail.

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1 x 4 Sheeted

Textured and chic with a classic touch, our 1x4 sheeted tile accentuates the natural variation that occurs in our hand-mixed glazes. Create a custom mosaic with our online Mosaic Tool. Comes sheeted for your convenience.

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1 x 6 Sheeted

Lengthening spaces with its sleek and slender dimensions, 1x6 sheeted tile is perfect as a classic meets contemporary backdrop or delineating the borders of your installation. Create a custom mosaic with our online Mosaic Tool. Comes sheeted for your convenience.

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2 x 4 Sheeted

With the same ratio as the classic 3x6 subway tile, 2x4 tile offers a petite alternative to the timeless tile design.

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2 x 6

Our 2x6 tile size offers subtle alternative to the traditional subway tile pattern, feeling up-to-date but still effortlessly classic.

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2 x 8

Subtly reminiscent of urban architecture and rustic buildings, our 2x8 tile size has distinctive visual weight that can hold its own. 

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3 x 3 Sheeted

It may be square, but our 3x3 tile’s petite size is small enough to feel decorative, highlighting and elevating your space. 

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3 x 6

3x6 tile may be the standard dimension for subway tile, but it's effortlessly versatile. Perfect for everything from traditional to transitional to contemporary spaces, our 3x6 tile pairs beautifully with our hand-mixed glazes.

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3 x 9

Large enough to feel distinctive without overtaking a space, our 3x9 tile size has a familiar architectural quality that makes an undeniable statement. 

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4 x 4

From entire bathroom walls to colorful decorative trims, our 4x4 square tile is a classic silhouette that offers a clean and timeless backdrop.

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4 x 8

Scaling up the classic, subway tile style, our 4x8 tile size is perfect for large counter-to-ceiling installations and anchoring entire spaces. 

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6 x 6

Our 6x6 tile size might be your standard square, but pair it with your favorite color and it’s sure to be a standout. 

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6 x 12

Get full coverage with this large format tile. Its wide, easy-to-clean surface beautifully highlights our glazes. It also pairs well with pops of pattern.

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