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How to Pair Tile and Marble

Today's kitchens are a blended, diverse affair. With access to so many surface materials who wants to be limited to a single one? Done right, wood, tile, brass, glass, marble and more create extraordinary spaces when mixed and matched. Perhaps one of the most deluxe kitchen materials is marble, grand and impressive marble is not for everyone, but pairing it with ceramic tile softens the formal mood, adding that intimate and welcoming feel we all crave in our kitchens.

In the kitchen above, a raw marble slab is strategically placed behind the stove to create a modern and unique focal point. The elaborate marble is balanced by the neutral hued subway tile. Both our Tile colors, Sand Dune and Foggy Morning are infused with a high crackle finish, for a truly artisanal feel, but still neutral enough to anchor a look similar to this kitchen.

The 3x6 subway tile viewed through the glass cabinets in the kitchen above are a pleasing surprise. They add a note of country to the rustic chic kitchen, while the dark grout calls attention to the grey veining in the marble and the tonal paint choice for the cabinets, creating a connection between the varying materials.

The Carrara marble countertop below is smooth and elegant. For a similar look try pairing with our Express color, Oyster Shell. The warm, creamy grey tile is the ideal partner for the pewter faucet and stainless steel sink.

In the kitchen below White Wash on our Ogee Drop pairs beautifully with the marble counter tops. By choosing a darker grout the designer has drawn attention to the Moroccan-inspired pattern as well as creating a conversation between the marble and tile.


Tile shown: White Wash in Ogee Drop; Design: AIH Development; Image: Shooting LA

More than one shade of our new product line EDGE pairs nicely with classic Carrara marble. Inspired by the subtle organic hues found in natural stones and minerals, EDGE’s smooth palette of matte finishes balances the tile’s crisp precise details and lean modern shapes. Below, from dark to light Pyrite, Gypsum, Halite, and Calcite.

Carrara Marble shown with Pyrite, Gypsum, Halite, and Calcite

For color lovers try Carrara with our Tuolumne Meadows, this soft sunny color brings the outdoors in for the cheeriest of spaces. Or try our earthy and herbal, Basil. It's mossy green tint and high crackle finish exude a woodland escape.


This cool blue Glass blend in the kitchen below adds tons of character, creating a refreshing accent against crisp marble countertops.


Glass Colors shown: Hydrangea, Hydrangea Matte, Wallflower, Plankton, and Island Flower; Image: psPalms

Calacatta marble is a stylish choice for a focal point behind the stove. The dramatic veining and warmer grey and brown shades create a sophisticated statement. Keep your project on budget by using classic white tile for the rest of the backsplash. Try our Express color Gardenia for a serene ivory tone.

Image: La Dolce Vita

For shades that pair well with Calacatta marble sample our EDGE colors, Quartzite, Sandstone, Pumice, or Halite.


Calacatta Marble shown with Quartzite, Sandstone, Pumice, and Halite

For an on trend look, try installing a square tile using an Offset pattern. This modern, clean look, uses brass fixtures to warm the minimalist space.

In the kitchen below the Herringbone tile pattern above the stove creates the interest, and the stone has moved to the island. For this rich earthy brown tile try our color Quartzite.

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