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50 Swoon-Worthy Neutral Kitchens

By Blair Hagensen

50 Swoon-Worthy Neutral Kitchens

If classic white, earthy ecru, and soft greige make your heart flutter, you’ve come to the right place. Neutrals in the kitchen are a look that transcends time and design trends and will keep your kitchen looking fresh for decades to come–which is why neutrals are consistently our top-selling tile colors year after year.

Want to find the perfect neutral tile for your kitchen? We’ve got you covered. From free samples to free design assistance, Fireclay is here to help wherever you are in your journey. We’ve even curated a sample pack of our favorite neutral glazes, so you can preview your new backsplash in the comfort of your home.

Fireclay Favorite Neutral Tile: Magnolia, Tusk, Frost, Daisy, White Wash, Calcite, Ivory, and Feldspar

Get inspired for your next project with this roundup of 50 absolutely gorgeous neutral kitchens–and don’t forget, if you fall in love with a look, our friendly tile experts would be happy to bring it to life with our signature free design assistance. Keep scrolling for inspiration!

1. A Stellar Neutral Space

This beautifully approachable kitchen boasts endless interest thanks to the walls adorned with warm white Star and Cross Tile framed by tonal grout.

Warm kitchen with white star and cross tile backsplash

Tile: Star & Cross in Calcite | Design: The True House | Image: Mino Pro Media Group, LLC

2. Transitional Neutrality

A backsplash of vertical straight set 3x6 Subway Tile in warm white Tusk juxtaposes modern and vintage, culminating in an elegant transitional kitchen design.

Transitional kitchen with vertical straight set white tile backsplash

Tile: 3x6 in Tusk | Design: Alessia Zanchi Loffredo, Redesign Home | Image: Ryan McDonald

3. Warm & Cozy Ogee

A creamy warm backsplash of sinuous Ogee Drop tile in this Washington state kitchen complements rustic cabinets and open shelves.

Rustic kitchen with warm creamy scalloped tile backsplash

Tile: Ogee Drop in Magnolia | Design + Image: Caitlin Shoemaker

4. Sintra Spectacular

Artisan-made Handpainted Tile in a light grey and white palette stands out with a subtle floral pattern in this bright kitchen.

Bright white kitchen with grey and white handpainted floral tile backsplash

Tile: Sintra in Neutral Motif | Design: Maggie Cruz Design + Home | Image: Vanessa Diaz

5. A Classic Color Palette

This Brooklyn kitchen’s cozy stove nook features gorgeous wood cabinets below a tiled backsplash of square tiles in creamy Magnolia hung in a timeless offset pattern.

Kitchen stove nook with creamy white tile backsplash

Tile: 4x4 in Magnolia | Design: Home on Woodbine | Image: Teddy Wolf

6. Herringbone Brick

With white marble countertops and white brick laid in a herringbone pattern across the walls, this kitchen beautifully demonstrates how to add visual interest to an all-white color story.

Modern kitchen with white brick backsplash in a herringbone pattern

Brick: White Mountains | Design: Anita Yokota | Image: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

7. What Scandi Dreams Are Made Of

Hygge abounds in this neutral Scandinavian-style kitchen thanks to a soothing backsplash of Mosaic Tile in warm white Tusk above light wood cabinets.

Scandinavian kitchen with white stacked mosaic tile

Tile: 1x6 in Tusk | Design + Image: Sarah Jura

8. A Blended Backsplash

The subtle blend of gloss and matte glass tile finishes will make you do a double take in this contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen with gloss and matte glass tile backsplash

Tile: 4x12 in Sparrow Matte and Sparrow Gloss | Design: Megan Warren | Image: Kathryn MacDonald

9. Gorgeous in Grey

Hexite Tile in glossy French Linen creates a greyscale geometric moment with a counter-to-ceiling installation in this otherwise minimalist space.

Sleek kitchen with grey hexite tile backsplash

Tile: Hexite in French Linen | Design + Image: Anne Sillcocks | Installer: PROF TILE Edwin David Guzman, Antonini Construction, Rob Antonini

10. A Column of Kasbah

Fan-favorite Kasbah Trellis in an eye-catching black and white colorway gives this fresh white kitchen a playful splash of global flair.

White, light-filled kitchen featuring a white and black handpainted tile backsplash

Tile: Kasbah Trellis in Neutral Motif | Design: Mokume Design Studio | Image: Christopher Stark

11. Clean Cottage Kitchen

A blended white backsplash bridges this cottage-inspired kitchen’s classic cabinetry with our Glazed Thin Brick’s textured, hand-glazed finish.

All-white cottage kitchen with white brick backsplash

Brick: White Mountains | Design: Benni Amadi Interiors | Image: Lauren Edith

12. Neutral Eclectic

With a warm white tile backsplash and handpainted half-moon floor tile, this charming galley kitchen proves that neutral colors can pull off eclectic style with ease and elegance.

Eclectic galley kitchen with stacked white tile backsplash and neutral colored handpainted tile floor

Tile: 2x6 in Feldspar, Fallow in White Motif | Design + Image: Reserve Home

13. The White Picket Backsplash

A unique take on the classic white tile backsplash, this farmhouse kitchen traded in the white picket fence for a White Wash Picket backsplash.

Modern farmhouse kitchen with white picket tile backsplash

Tile: Picket in White Wash | Design + Image: Courtney Fairchild

14. Minimalist Meets Remarkable Detail

Playing off natural materials like stone and wood throughout the kitchen, Handpainted Uni Mountain Tile binds the eye together for a backsplash that’s a work of art.

Minimalist kitchen with handpainted tile backsplash

Tile: Uni Mountain in White Motif | Design: Banner Day Interiors | Image: Suzanna Scott

15. Brick Goes Vertical

This contemporary kitchen needed a standout backsplash to truly shine, and vertical white brick accentuated by contrasting grout more than answered the call.

Contemporary kitchen with white brick backsplash

Brick: Olympic | Design: Annabode + Co | Image: Brandon Lopez

16. A Glowing Glass Backsplash

Arranged in serenely stacked squares, this white glass tile kitchen backsplash subtly glows in the natural light pouring in from the kitchen’s large windows.

Soft modern kitchen with matte white glass tile backsplash

Tile: 4x4 in Egret Matte | Design: Victoria Ninette Interiors | Image: Victoria Ninette

17. Retro Inspiration

This one-of-a-kind backsplash, created from the Handpainted Block Shop x Fireclay collection, was inspired by retro refrigerator coils.

Retro-inspired kitchen with handpainted tile backsplash

Tile: Roundabout 2, Roundabout 4 in Gesso Motif | Design + Image: GLAM Studio

18. Warmth with Grey

Grey tile has never looked cooler paired with rich warm wood cabinetry and leather-topped bar stools.

Airy contemporary kitchen with warm wood accents and light grey tile backsplash

Tile: 2x6 in French Linen | Design: Sanabria and Co., Old City Design Studio | Image: Stacy Zarin Goldberg | Installer: Sestak Remodeling

19. Elegant French Country

Beige brick brings character and charm to this California kitchen, accented with a stunning marble slab and range hood.

French country kitchen with beige brick and marble backsplash

Brick: Wind River | Design: Brett Dampier Design | Image: Adam Potts Photography | Installer: North Coast Design Build

20. Contemporary Brick

Brick's white matte glaze and characteristic texture make a sophisticated backdrop in this crisp kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen with white brick backsplash

Brick: White Mountains | Design: Cameron Getter Design | Image: Kieran Reeves Photography

21. Soothing Green & White

Is green a neutral? This gorgeous kitchen certainly makes a compelling case for it, as muted green cabinetry pairs perfectly with a classic square white tile backsplash.

Traditional kitchen with light sage green cabinets and classic white tile backsplash

Tile: 4x4 in White Wash | Design: Caitlin Flemming | Image: Stephanie Russo

22. Architectural Interest

Tucked into a gorgeous architectural nook, glossy white tile in a herringbone pattern brings craftsmanship and beauty to this bright kitchen.

White, light-filled kitchen with white herringbone tile backsplash

Tile: 2x8 in White Wash | Design + Installer: Delaware River Cabinet Co. | Image: Craig Donaldson

23. A Clean, Creamy Grid

Filled with the neutrals of nature, this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen features ample natural light, blonde wood, and a plethora of houseplants spilling over the beige Mosaic Tile backsplash.

Scandinavian style kitchen with creamy ivory square mosaic tile backsplash

Tile: 3x3 in Milky Way | Design: Barrett Prendergast | Image: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

24. Modern Meets Historic

Textured white brick bridges the gap between modern and historic in this kitchen that opted for a classic vertical straight-set backsplash pattern.

Neutral-toned kitchen with white brick backsplash

Brick: White Mountains | Design: Lauren Bradshaw Design | Image: Joseph Bradshaw

25. An Earthy Chef’s Kitchen

Warm earth tones from the classic square tile backsplash to the plethora of cabinets make this an inspiring and functional space for chef Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking.

Traditional kitchen with earthy hues and a rolling ladder

Tile: 4x4 in Dolomite | Design: Thea Home Inc., Stephanie Hanes | Image: Matt Armendariz | Installer: Lyons Development

26. Grey Steals the Show

Nestled between two-toned cabinets, the cloudy grey tile backsplash steals the show thanks to its contrasting white grout outline and vertical-offset pattern.

Modern kitchen with light grey vertical offset tile backsplash

Tile: 2x8 in Mist | Image: Rea Creative | Installer: Avex Kitchen Design and Installation

27. A Sunny Pop

This inviting space benefits from the warmth of wood accents and the stunning Handpainted Tile backsplash with subtle pops of mellow yellow.

Warm modern kitchen with handpainted white and yellow tile backsplash

Tile: Denver in Yellow Motif | Design: Bonnie Wu Design | Image: Leslie Murchie Cascino

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we make our signature Handpainted Tile in California.

28. White Herringbone Does It Again

Beautifully showcasing our cool white Daisy glaze’s handcrafted color variation, this herringbone backsplash lends textured nuance to this bright white kitchen.

White kitchen with white herringbone tile backsplash

Tile: 2x6 in Daisy | Image: Michele Lee Willson Photography | Installer: Senalee Kapelevich

29. Craftsman Warmth

Step inside a dream craftsman kitchen complete with warm wood accents, exposed ceiling beams, and a matte white backsplash that gives the inviting space a contemporary edge.

Craftsman kitchen with wood cabinets and beams, and white triangle tile backsplash

Tile: Scalene Triangle and 3x12 in Calcite | Design: Homestead Kitchens

30. A Storied Retreat

Romantic vibes abound in this timeless kitchen featuring a glossy beige backsplash, soothing grey cabinets, and a functioning ladder to pluck hard-to-reach cookbooks.

Victorian kitchen with green-grey cabinets and creamy beige tile backsplash

Tile: 3x3 in Milky Way | Image: Sunset Magazine | Installer: Lynn K. Leonidas

31. Modern Rustic

This brightly lit space demonstrates how a sleek modern space benefits from just a touch of rustic. Dark wood cabinets, a white herringbone backsplash, and an unpainted shiplap island accent are pulled together cohesively under the soaring ceiling.

Modern rustic kitchen with white herringbone tile backsplash

Tile: 2x6 in White Wash | Image: Roehner + Ryan | Installer: The Ranch Mine

32. Mesmerizing Midcentury

In between sleek walnut cabinets, this midcentury modern kitchen’s white backsplash features Small Diamond Tile in an optically alluring Escher pattern.

Midcentury modern kitchen with walnut cabinets and white diamond tile backsplash

Tile: Small Diamond in White Wash | Image: Bethany Nauert | Installer: Anne Vartanian

33. White on White on White

From the pristine backsplash to the monochrome kitchen island down to the coordinating floorboards, this space pulls off Scandinavian-inspired minimalism exquisitely.

All white Scandinavian kitchen with white tile backsplash

Tile: 3x9 in Calcite | Design: Chango & co | Image: Judy Pak, Sarah Elliott

34. Artful Dimension

The geometric lines and soothing natural colorway of the Handpainted Tile backsplash are the perfect complements to the two-toned midcentury modern cabinets in this Eichler home.

Midcentury modern kitchen with neutral-colored handpainted tile backsplash and two-toned cabinets

Tile: River Rock in Neutral Motif | Installer: Amie Neff - Capable Design

35. Classic Modern

This effortlessly elegant kitchen gives classic design a refreshing update with a grey herringbone backsplash that stretches from the countertop to above the window.

White and grey kitchen with herringbone tile backsplash

Tile: 2x6 in Mist | Design: TRG Home Concepts | Image: Courtney Apple Photography

36. An Airy Galley Kitchen

Open shelving, a light color palette, and white Small Diamond Tile with light grout give this galley kitchen a bright, modern disposition.

Bright, airy galley kitchen with white diamond tile backsplash

Tile: Small Diamond in White Wash | Design: Caitlin Flemming | Image: Jacqueline Pilar

37. Heart of the Chaine Homme

This modern kitchen gets a dash of retro-inspired flair thanks to its counter-to-ceiling backsplash of white interlocking Chaine Homme Tile.

Modern kitchen with white H-shaped tile backsplash

Tile: Chaine Homme in Daisy | Design: Variegated Green | Image: Erica Deitchman | Installer: Wise Builders

38. Beautiful in Brick

Anchored by a counter-to-ceiling white brick backsplash, this bright kitchen’s rustic details blend beautifully with its soothing grey-green cabinets and sleek white countertops.

Bright, classic kitchen with white brick backsplash

Brick: Lewis Range | Design + Image: Tiffany Weiss Interior Design

39. Starry Neutrals

This open-concept kitchen transports its residents to a soothingly celestial dimension with a dreamy neutral blend of Mini Star & Cross Tiles.

Industrial style home with open kitchen featuring neutral star and cross tile backsplash

Tile: Mini Star & Cross in Calcite, White Wash, Tusk, Ivory, Milky Way, and Feldspar | Design: Measured Architecture | Image: Ema Peter | Installer: Powers Construction

40. Bright White Brick

Textured white brick beautifully complements the barely-blue cabinets in this timeless kitchen filled with natural light.

Traditional kitchen with soft blue cabinets and white brick backsplash

Brick: Olympic | Design: Tinge Floral | Image: Kate Osborne

41. A Handpainted Focal Point

A lacy fretwork of black and white Handpainted Tile gives this spacious neutral kitchen a graphic splash of pattern.

Bright white kitchen with large handpainted tile backsplash

Tile: Padma in Black + White Motif, 3x6 in French Linen | Design: Karen Tsay | Image: David Tsay

42. Craftsman Glows with Glass

The craftsman touches in this well-appointed kitchen are anchored by a glowing glass tile backsplash.

Craftsman kitchen with matte glass tile backsplash

Tile: Egret Matte | Design: Ollie Pop Design | Image: Belu Photography, Ollie Pop Design

43. Neutral Color Variation

Our warm, earthy Sand Dune tile’s high color variation is on full display in this kitchenette backsplash, made all the more mesmerizing in the sun’s glow.

Brightly lit kitchenette with glossy beige tile backsplash

Tile: 3x3 in Sand Dune | Design: Claire Zinnecker | Image: Leonid Furmansky, Son of Rand

44. Classic Details

With marble countertops and a timeless white hexagon backsplash, this traditional kitchen transcends trends.

Classic kitchen with white hexagon tile backsplash

Tile: 4” Hexagon in White Wash | Design: Jessica Sparks | Image: Kim Lindsey Photography

45. Petite Perfection

Warm white cabinets and a sleek peninsula open up this small kitchen, while the interlocking tile backsplash maximizes square footage with an understated H-shaped pattern.

Petite white kitchen with H-shaped tile backsplash

Tile: Chaine Homme in Tusk | Design: Mokume Design Studio | Image: Christopher Stark

46. Industrial Inspiration

Rough-hewn textures and industrial-inspired details pair beautifully with this kitchen’s white brick backsplash

Modern industrial kitchen with white brick backsplash

Brick: White Mountains | Design: Mokume Design Studio | Image: Christopher Stark

47. Enduring Design

This timeless kitchen features enduring design trends including a white herringbone tile backsplash, soothing grey cabinets, and eye-catching pendant lights.

New traditional kitchen with white herringbone tile backsplash

Tile: 2x6 in Tusk | Design: Cathie Hong Interiors | Image: Christy Quiambao

48. A Sunlit Space

Matte white tile provides a stunning canvas for warm afternoon light in this contemporary Chicago kitchen.

Bright, warm modern kitchen with white tile backsplash

Tile: 2x8 in Calcite | Design: Danielle Beaulieu AIA, - lieu | Image: Aimée Mazzenga

49. Brownstone Beauty

White tile set in a herringbone pattern and outlined in contrasting grey grout highlights the hues of grey throughout this classic brownstone kitchen.

Brownstone kitchen with grey cabinets and white herringbone tile backsplash

Tile: 2x8 in White Wash | Design: Brownstone Boys | Image: Brownstone Boys, Bridget Badore

50. Checkered Charm

A grey and white checkered countertop and backsplash give this modern kitchen a look that’s both timeless and right on-trend.

Modern kitchen with white and grey tile countertop and backsplash

Tile: 3x3 in Tusk and Dolomite | Design: Autumn Hachey, TWENTY-TWO TWELVE, Stay Here | Image: Michelle Johnson

Loving these spaces? Take the first step toward warmth and timelessness in your kitchen by bringing home five free samples of your favorite handmade neutral tile.

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