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Fireclay Favorites Neutrals

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Neutral Tiles for Every Style

Handmade in California, our handmade tiles offer a fresh canvas for your next project.
Featuring 8 of our favorite hand-mixed shades of white, this curated Sample Pack is just the start of something beautiful.

2020 q1 fireclay favorites whites magnolia tusk frost daisy white wash calcite ivory feldspar Labeled

Available in 40+ Shapes

Go classic with white subway tile or get graphic with an eye-catching pattern. With over 40 sizes and shapes to choose from, our hand-picked palette is as versatile as it is timeless.

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A neutral in its purest form, Calcite’s non-reflective matte finish almost sparkles against the light.

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Highlighted by a matte finish, this Daisy's bright white color variation reveals gray undertones for softly muted dimension.

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With its glossy, semi-reflective sheen, Frost’s refreshingly textured finish is accentuated by a crackled glaze.

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Warmed with a hint of taupe undertones, this matte grey tile brings an organic and effortless look to your space.

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Glossy yet subdued, this antique white tile lends warm undertones to both classic and contemporary designs

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Accentuated by a velvety matte finish, this sumptuous white tile is both warm and inviting. 

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White Wash

Suitable for nearly any application, glossy White Wash’s low tonal variation and smooth finish make it the perfect blank slate.  

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Glistening like sugar crystals, Magnolia's off-white crackled glaze and high color variation give it a lovely sense of depth.

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