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Project Spotlight

Vibrant Blue Bathroom Remodel

By Kali

Vibrant Blue Bathroom Remodel

Design: Kelly Mindell // Images: Jeff Mindell

Opting for our bewitching Azul Tile, professional DIY-er Kelly Mindell transforms her son's bathroom into a lush, jungle-inspired retreat. See more of this bold blue space (and what it looked like before) on today's blog! 

First, meet Kelly!


Tile Shown: 2x8 tiles in Azul

First, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your business? 
I’m Kelly and I run a lifestyle website called Studio DIY and a quirky accessories company called Can’t Clutch This! I live in Los Angeles with my husband and son and we’ve been slowly (and colorfully!) renovating our 1930s fixer upper for the last two years!

How did you hear about Fireclay Tile?  What did you enjoy about the experience? What are your favorite products?
I think I first came across Fireclay Tile when I was searching for scalloped tile for our master closet! I love the care and quality put into every single piece of tile produced, and the awesome selection of bold colors offered. 

Featuring our Ogee Drops in Calcite, this closet floor tile has style.

Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Calcite 

Why do you love tile? 
I love color, and tile is such a great way to add a bold color to a room! I tend to gravitate towards a lot of textures like rattan and wool Moroccan rugs in my decor, so tile is the perfect backdrop to both complement and contrast those elements. 

Now let's talk about this blue bathroom! What did it look like before? What did you change?
This bathroom hadn’t been updated in many decades, and it showed. It also had unfinished drawers, a coffin-like shower and floor-tile-turned-countertops as a few of its finest qualities. Ha!



Our biggest layout change was replacing the stall shower with a claw foot tub / rain shower combo, as we needed to add a bathtub to this space and didn’t have room for the two to be separate.


By removing a wall of built-ins that divided the room we opened up so much space and were able to fit everything we needed, while keeping the major plumbing in relatively close proximity to its original spot.

What type of look or aesthetic were you going for?
This is our kid’s bathroom, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to have fun with a theme our son would love. I had been wanting to go with a bold blue, but then we found this terra-cotta lion vase that our son LOVED and named “Cookie the Lion.” 


I decided that she had to be the inspiration for the bathroom, so we went with an animal theme and used terra-cotta as our accent color. It was a great contrast to the cool blue tones, and I had so much fun finding subtle (and not so subtle!) animal touches to sprinkle throughout.


Why did you choose the 2x8 in Azul for the walls and floors? Were there any other contenders? 
I think I debated between every single shade of blue that Fireclay offers. Ultimately, Azul won because of the vibrancy but also the depth of the blue. And I loved that Azul starts with a terra-cotta tile, since we chose to do a terra-cotta grout. 


We love how you mixed two patterns with a single color, what was your point of inspiration? 
Texture and pattern are my favorite elements in the design process and I wanted to make sure that showed even though we chose one color tile to cover almost the entire room. Switching up the patterns between the floor and walls added that extra visual interest, kept the space from leaning too modern and really defined the floor so it felt like it’s own statement. Plus who doesn’t love herringbone floors!?


How did the installation process go?  Did you face any challenges?  Did you work with a tile installer or contractor?
Our house has these amazing curved walls throughout, it’s one of the reasons we fell in love with it. We were a bit nervous about how the floor pattern would fit around the curve but our contractor and his team created the most beautiful curved border that ended up being our favorite part of the tile design. 



This is the second project where you've used our tile--any tips you want to share about working with handmade tile? 
Make sure you hire the right people, who are open to each tile having its own slight differences. Design-wise, embrace the slight variations of color, it adds so much depth and history to the space. 


What are your 3 best design tips?
Find one item or element you love, and keep circling back to, and make that your inspiration for the room. It’s especially helpful if this item is one that is the biggest “statement,” like tile or a rug.


In rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, get creative with your design plan to avoid having to move plumbing. It’ll save you time and money!


Don’t be afraid to mix colors, styles and patterns. If it feels right to you, that’s all that matters! 


And lastly, what Fireclay products would you love to use in future projects?
I would love to use a handpainted pattern tile in a future project! Though it may take me a few years to settle on the colors. ;) So many stunning options!!!!

Love this blue bathroom? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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