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Project Spotlight: Body Evolved

By Lindsey

Project Spotlight: Body Evolved

Boutique fitness space Body Evolved designed by Antonio Matres Studio uses a soothing yet stimulating blend of Bora Bora tile to create a blissful bathroom for members looking for a relaxing escape. 


Tile shown: Bora Bora 2x8 + 4x4 // Design: Antonio Matres Studio // Photos: Lisa Richov // Install: Ecosense Interiors

We caught up with Architect/Interior Designer Antonio Matres to learn more about his firm, his design process, and the Body Evolved project. Keep scrolling for Antonio's full interview!


Left: Antonio Matres, Architect/Interior Designer; Right: Nicole Dana, Design Assistant 

About Antonio Matres Studio:
We are a multidisciplinary interior design and architecture firm based in Tribeca founded in 2014. Though now in NYC, I am originally from Spain where I worked as an architect for 15 years and had been running a studio as well as teaching at a university. Leaving my successful firm behind was difficult, but it has been an exciting and challenging journey to start again from scratch with all of my experience behind me in New York. I have worked on both commercial and residential and see no limitation to either. My preference is always to prioritize the impact and interaction with any given space, residents, or passersby of an area.


Fun fact about yourself?
Though this is a design firm, our point of view comes from that of artists. Both myself and my design assistant [Nicole] are painters and truly approach each project as a blank canvas; this informs everything we do and allows us to elevate projects in a way that is in touch with a base of fine art.

About Body Evolved (BE): 
We met these amazing clients through the fitness community in New York. They an incredible team and service some of the biggest names in boutique fitness including SoulCycle.

This space is designed specifically to provide a broader arch of physical therapy and training services. Rather than each of those services being offered singularly in different places, the clients of BE have access to treatment as well as active training to help promote strength in those areas.


Tell us more about the layout of the space: 
Inside lies a multifunctional fluid space encompassing two main sections:

The first is the public space where the primary business is: begins with the entry lobby + retail section offers a relaxing waiting area, the personal training section follows with all branded full set equipment for strength and cardio work, followed by therapy tables and space.


The second part includes all the support and personal use spaces to the business, including the lockers, restrooms, shower, and changing rooms



How involved were your clients on this project? 
Our hope is to always harness the concept together with the client through organic conversation and regular communication. Once established, Antonio Matres Studio manages the project, still maintaining regular communication with the clients. This project reflects their soul and story, so there is no way to do it justice without their involvement.


How was designing for a commercial gym?
With a gym space, the experience is heightened much like when you’re walking vs. running. We had to consider the floors, the way the acoustic worked, and really making space that felt good for training as well as therapy. Because it is a boutique fitness space, the look was of course important and is what makes this a unique business, but in relation to training the function was crucial. This is more of an opportunity than a challenge, to cater to people’s senses even more.


What aesthetic were you going for with Body Evolved?
The aesthetic of this space intends to bring the typical gym and physical therapy experience to another level much like the company itself by customizing many of the elements. Brass fixtures and custom details combined with natural wood tones set the color palette for the space, rested on the grey walls. The Fireclay Tiles came into play for the bathrooms and provide an entirely separate experience from the public space-- spaces that when inside felt entirely their own and like a resting place.


What's important to you when designing residential/commercial spaces?
Every space should reflect the soul of the people that will occupy it, whether a home or a business. In addition to being visually beautiful, it is always important to give equal space for considering functionality.BLOG-BE-fireclay-SAMPLES.jpg?mtime=20190417102813#asset:448440

Why Fireclay Tile?
Fireclay was a great choice for this particular project because all the tiles are handmade and it was a great opportunity to add a luxury material into a gym space as opposed to something typical for the bathrooms. We were thrilled with how dedicated the Fireclay team was to helping us complete our project with quality and efficiency.


Why do you like working with tile?
Tiles are always an opportunity to express more with a project- whether with color or installation design- they’re another tool to communicate an idea because there are so many options.

Best Design Advice?
The primary things I always bear in mind are to consider the balance of design + functionality, and that simplicity can be just as effective as complexity.

Check out more of Antonio's work on his websiteand if you're in NYC, be sure to look up Body Evolved!  

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