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Luxury Commercial Flooring Ideas with Sustainable Ceramic Tile

By Kali

Luxury Commercial Flooring Ideas with Sustainable Ceramic Tile

Our Ceramic Tile is built to last for heavy-duty projects. This clay body boasts a breaking strength of 393 pounds per foot and a scratch hardness of 6.0 mohs, making it able to stand the test of time and commercial foot traffic.

Our specialty shape, Wave, in a custom floor, on a restaurant entryway.

Tile Shown: Custom Wave

Our Recycled Clay Body uses recycled content and qualifies for numerous LEED points. It is made of raw materials sourced in the USA and is handcrafted at our American factories.

All of our matte glazes plus two satin glazes—Sunflower and Sorbet—feature a DCOF rating above .42, perfect for commercial applications where things can get wet.


Please note: While our other products Glazed Thin Brick and Glass can absolutely be used for wall applications in commercial spaces, we cannot recommend them for commercial floors.

Keep in mind that we do offer competitive and volume pricing for commercial projects and also have custom capabilities (with color, shape, and size). Have questions about what might be best for your project? Don't hesitate to contact us!

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Flooring?

From an aesthetic perspective, there is often no discernible difference between residential and commercial flooring. What distinguishes the two are the standards commercial flooring must meet to stand up to the rigors of public use.

Commercial flooring must be durable, relatively easy to clean, and in some cases comply with sanitary or slip-resistance regulations.

Because of this unique criteria, some commercial flooring compromises much of the aesthetics found in residential floors. However, there are many commercial floors that rival the look and feel of those specified for luxury private residences.

What is the Most Common Type of Floors Found in Commercial Buildings?

Polished concrete, hardwood, carpet, and tiles including vinyl, porcelain, and ceramic are the most common commercial flooring materials. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks including cost, durability, and aesthetics.

Commercial Flooring Applications

Cultural Institutions

Monterey Bay Aquarium

A true testament to the durability and heirloom quality of our tile, the floor of the Monterey Bay Aquarium was installed 25 years ago and is holding strong, with roughly two million pairs of feet walking over it annually.

blue tile commercial floor

Tile: Custom 6x6


526 Waverley Street

Following decades of change and deterioration, this storefront was returned to its original glory with historically accurate handmade tile, winning a commercial preservation award from Palo Alto Stanford Heritage for the 1927 building's preservation and cultural significance.

blue tile retail store entryway

Tile: Lapis & Huckleberry 4x4, Old California 10, 9 & 5, Blue Velvet Mini Star & Cross, Lapis 1x1 // Design & Image: Randolph Popp Architect

Our ceramic tile is frost-resistant but not frostproof. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss a specific exterior application.


Mokuyobi always brings the color and fun so it's no surprise they designed their flagship store in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo with a vibrant mosaic that perfectly captures their brand identity.

colorful custom commercial mosaic tile floor

Tile: Ember, Sorbet, Lichen, Aegean Sea, Daisy & Tuolumne Meadows 2x2 // Design: Mokuyobi // Image: Jude Garcia

Fireclay Berkeley Showroom

We'd be remiss to not include a snapshot of our Berkeley showroom, where, including our walls of samples, customers can preview an installed example of one of our most popular tiles, Antique Hexagons, and see how they hold up under heavy foot traffic.

tile showroom with brown hexagon floor

Tile: Antique 6" Hexagon // Design: Arcsine // Image: Loni Johnston

Depending on location and building codes, we can also do a sanded finish with our tile colors, as you can see below.

entryway ramp with non-slip tile
close up of non-slip yellow and white tile flooring

Tile Shown: Paseo in Feldspar and Sunflower // Design: Sara and Rich Combs // Image: Margaret Austin Photography



St. Paul, MN restaurant Myriel occupies a historic building with exposed brick walls and other charming character details. So when Madelynn Furlong designed the interior, she specified a herringbone floor of high variation Antique tiles to complement the preserved elements.

restaurant dining room with brown tile floor

Tile: Antique 3x12 // Design & Image: Madelynn Furlong

Also note the cove base trim, an important feature it food service settings to ensure a sanitary and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Coffee Shops

Voyager Craft Coffee

Voyager is one of a number of coffee companies redefining Americans' expectations of a cup of coffee. At the same time, their interiors redefine expectations of the coffee shop itself, specifying luxury sustainable tile in a creative pattern for guests to pass through as their order and pick up their cups.

coffee shop with triangle tile and concrete floor

Tile: Daisy, Peacock, Morning Thaw, Sunflower, Sea Glass & Hunter Green 4" Triangle // Design: Studio Banaa // Image: Mikiko Kikuyama


Hoopes Vineyard

What's better than a visit to a celebrated Napa vineyard? A well-appointed guestroom to retire to after an afternoon of tastings might do the trick. Each of Hoopes Vineyard's accommodations feature uniquely designed bathrooms tied together with cohesive shades of pink.

pink hotel bathroom

Tile: Evening Glow 2" Hexagon, Evening Glow 3x12 // Design: Erin Fetherston // Image: Elizabeth Messina

Mosaic tiles, like the hexagons above and the 1x6 tiles below, offer increased grip underfoot due to the increased number of grout lines compared to larger format tiles.

pink hotel bathroom

Tile: Dust Storm 1x6, Dust Storm 6x6 // Design: Erin Fetherston // Image: Elizabeth Messina


Body Evolved

Boutique fitness space Body Evolved uses a soothing yet stimulating blend of Bora Bora tile to create a blissful bathroom for members to freshen up after an active workout.

gym bathroom with green tile

Tile Shown: Bora Bora 2x8 and Bora Bora 4x4 // Design: Antonio Matres Studio // Image: Lisa Richov

Work Spaces

Swift Studios

The theme in workplace design is livability. Competing with a new era of work-from-home opportunities, employers are putting an emphasis on spaces that make their teams feel comfortable and inspired. Drab indoor/outdoor carpeting and less-than-lovely vinyl floors are replaced by beautiful tile that matches the values of the company.

blue office bathroom tile floor

Tile: Morning Thaw 3x12 // Design: Swift Studios x Studio Den Den // Image: Swift Studios


Detroit Prep

Fun, colorful, and full of inspiration were the requirements of Detroit charter school Detroit Prep. We delivered with inventive tile designs throughout the school including unique bathrooms specced in non-slip glazes to add safety to their ideal design.

basketweave tile school bathroom floor

Tile: Morning Thaw 6x12, Sea Glass 6x12, Hunter Green 3x3 // Design: Hudson & Sterling // Image: Stylish Detroit

Apartment Buildings

Broadstone Maker's

We often tile multi-unit apartment buildings as well, from the kitchen backsplashes to the bathroom floors. San Diego's Broadstone Maker's specced their communal spaces with our Glazed Thin Brick.

black brick apartment entryway

Tile: Bitterroot Brick // Design: Basile Studio // Image: Adrian Tiemens

Again, we do not recommend brick for commercial floors but this luxury apartment building demonstrates it can be done with breathtaking results.

commercial flooring - brick kitchen

Tile: Lewis Range & Bitterroot Brick // Design: Basile Studio // Image: Adrian Tiemens

Working on a commercial project and need some help? Contact us!

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