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Floor Tile: Commercial Edition

By Kali

Floor Tile: Commercial Edition

Our tile can go to work on commercial floors too. From restaurant to hotel bathroom floors, our Recycled Clay Body is built to last for heavy duty projects. This clay body boasts a breaking strength of 393 pounds per foot, making it able to stand the test of time and commercial foot traffic.

Our specialty shape, Wave, in a custom floor, on a restaurant entryway.

Tile Shown: Custom color in Wave. (Try Antique for a similar look).

ALl of our matte glazes plus two satin glazes—Sunflower and Sorbet—feature a DCOF rating above .42, perfect for commercial applications where things can get wet.


Please note: While our other products Glazed Thin Brick and Glass can absolutely be used for wall applications in commercial spaces, we cannot recommend them for commercial floors.

Keep in mind that we do offer competitive and volume pricing for commercial projects and also have custom capabilities (with color, shape and size). Have questions about what might be best for your project? Don't hesitate to contact us! We're sharing commercial floor inspiration below!

Cultural Institutions:
A true testament to the durability and heirloom quality of our tile, the floor of the Monterey Bay Aquarium was installed 25 years ago and is holding strong, with roughly two million pairs of feet walking over it annually.


Tile Shown: 6x6 tiles in a Custom Color at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Restaurants, cafes or grocery stores can all be taken up a notch with a tile floor. Depending on location and building codes, we can also do a sanded finish with our tile colors, as you can see below:


Paseo tiles in Feldspar and Sunflower on this commercial entryway.

Tile Shown: Paseo in Feldspar and Sunflower // Design: Sara and Rich Combs // Image: Margaret Austin Photography

We love the mix of colors in the restaurant floor below. Go for 4" Triangles in a blend of your choice for a look like this.


Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Clover,Ivory, Turquoise and a custom color. //Design: DUST & Co. // Image: Bethany Nauert

Boutique fitness space Body Evolved uses a soothing yet stimulating blend of Bora Bora tile to create a blissful bathroom for members looking for a relaxing escape:

2x8 and 4x4 tiles in Bora Bora in this bold gym bathroom.

Tile Shown: 2x8 and 4x4 tiles in Bora Bora // Design: Antonio Matres Studio // Image: Lisa Richov

Work Spaces:
Doing a project in an office or work space? Our tile can do the job. Light Lab, a creative space, chose our tile for both its kitchen area, as well as the bathroom floors.


Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Calcite in Basalt. Image: via Design Sponge by Jeff Mindell

We often tile multi-unit apartment buildings as well, from the kitchen backsplashes to the bathroom floors. If you are tiling bathroom floors, we recommend going for a smaller size, choosing a matte finish for better grip in a damp environment.


Tile Shown: 2x8s in Slate Blue for the shower walls and 2x2s in Shale make up the shower pan floor.

You can also go for a slight larger size for the majority of the bathroom floor and simply scale down in the shower pans:


Tile Shown: Large Star and Cross and Mini Star and Cross in Daisy; 2x6 tiles in Sea Foam.

Working on a commercial project and need some help? Contact us!

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