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Design Trends: Tiled Accent Walls

By Kali

Looking for a way to make a more dramatic statement in your home? A tiled accent wall will most certainly do the trick. Accent walls can be extensions of a kitchen or bathroom backsplash or an entity all their own. You can also consider treating tile like you might wallpaper and install it in a more unexpected location in your home. You can create a wall with a pattern, a geometric shape or one of our Handpainted Collections.

With a Pattern:
You can create an accent wall with a pattern in either a white or vibrant hue, depending on what works best in your home. Any of our Brick, Glass or Tile colors could work for this concept!

Image: Smitten Studios

For a look similar to the one above, you could try our White Gloss or White Wash in 2x8. Below, the homeowner has tiled the breakfast nook wall that is across from the main backplash, in a classic offset pattern.

Image: My Domaine

For a look similar to the one above, you could try:


Tile Shown: Queen Anne's Lace


Tile Shown: Hydrangea

Brick is a classic choice for an accent wall; you can opt for an offset or straight set pattern depending on your style. These sorts of walls look amazing as a backdrop in a living room, bedroom or kitchen setting.

Image: Pinterest

For a look similar to the one above, you could try:


Tile Shown: Cotton Brick

With a Shape:

The geometric trend is in here to stay and we've got several specialty shapes that are a perfect way to express it.

Image: Pinterest

For a look similar to the one above (bathrooms are wonderful places for accent walls), you could try:


Tile shown: Ogee Drop in Azurine

You could also try something like this in our Paseo:


Tile Shown: Paseo in Azurine, Lagoon and Boundary Waters

Below you can see how a tiled accent wall can be used in a hallway, entry way or living area.


Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in Turquoise, Rainy Day and Tusk

With Handpainted Tiles:

Like Brick, Handpainted accent walls are another classic choice for a tiled accent wall. We have many patterns to choose from in this department! We love how the installation below incorporates both handpainted and solid colored tiles.

Image: Mad About the House

Keep in mind you can use our COLOR-IT Tool to customize any of our Handpainted patterns, but for a look like the one above you could try:


Tile Shown: Braga in Cool Motif

As said before, bathrooms are perfect for an accent wall and Handpainted tiles are really working their magic in the installation below.

For a bold look like the one above you could try:


Tile Shown: Handpainted Grandola in Cool Motif

Fireplaces are another wonderful opportunity for an accent wall, as shown below:

Image: Pinterest

For a look similar to the one above you could try:


Tile Shown: Persian Star in Neutral Motif

Considering a tiled accent wall for your home? Order samples online! Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.