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Color Variation: Everything You Need to Know

Color Variation: Everything You Need to Know


With beautifully handmade tile there will always be an inevitable level of color variation, meaning a slight difference in color from tile to tile.  Some may see this as a flaw, but we celebrate the perfectly imperfect quality of our tile.  We think color variation adds a unique handmade look to your space with interesting texture and dimension—what's not to love?

Each of our colors are rated on a scale of 1-4 in terms of color variation.  To help you decide which level is best for you and your style, we put together a list of descriptions and examples of each so you'll know exactly what to expect when ordering your new tile.

Level One Color Variation: V1

A V1 rating means the differences among pieces of tile from the same production run will be minimal.  If you are looking for full, uniform coverage, you'll want to choose a glaze with a V1 rating.


This Bathroom installation below chooses a full-coverage look with our V1 rated Tile color, White Gloss.


Bathroom installation featuring our Tile in White Gloss, which has a V1 rating

Level One Color Variation: V2

A V2 rating means there will be slight variation among tile pieces from the same production run.  The variation won't be extremely noticeable, but still gives you a hint of texture and handmade appeal.


The bathroom installation below uses our V2 rated color, Royal Blue to create a consistent look with subtle hints of variation.


Bathroom installation featuring our Tile in Royal Blue, which has a V2 rating

Level One Color Variation: V3

A V3 rating means there will be clear differences in texture and/or shade within the same colors of any given production run.  If you love the look of variation but don't want to distract from the overall look of your space, a glaze with a V3 might be the right choice for you.  The kitchen installation below features our V3 glaze, Blue Spruce.  The color variation is clear and beautiful, without distracting from the overall design of the space.


Kitchen installation featuring our Tile in Blue Spruce, which has a V3 rating; Design by White + Gold Design; Image by Scott Davis Photography


Our Tile in Blue Spruce, which has a V3 rating


Kitchen Installation featuring our Tile in Caribbean; Design by Joshua Mogal of eco+historical

Level One Color Variation: V4

A V4 rating means there will be the most variation among tile pieces within the same production run.  Our glazes with V4 ratings provide an unique, handmade look, and are great for spaces where you want your tile to be a real showstopper.


The kitchen installation below uses our V4 glaze, Kelp, against white cabinetry to emphasize the beauty of the tile and its variation.


Kitchen installation featuring our Tile in Kelp, which has a V4 rating; Design by Joshua Mogal of eco+historical

Need help figuring out which level of color variation is right for you?  Simply fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.

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