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Color Trend Forecast for 2022

By Ted Ryan

Color Trend Forecast for 2022

New year, new looks. As we turn the page on 2021, we're looking forward to a year of feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. And there's no better way to set the tone with our forecast of the colors to inspire interiors in the year to come.

Take a peek into our crystal ball for all the colors that will be setting trends in 2022 (click here to sample them all!).

2022 Color Trends by Fireclay Tile

Hunter Green

Americans spend on average 93% of their lives indoors. So it’s no surprise that we tend to style our interiors with elements of the outdoors to keep us connected with the natural world even when we’re out of the elements.

Hunter Green Triangle Tiles

While Hunter Green is on-trend in 2022, the truth is this shade never falls out of style. Like a boreal forest, this rich and saturated green gives off both a cozy and cleansing feeling like a good walk in the woods.

Banner Day Hunter Green Bathroom

Tile Shown: Hunter Green in 2 x 8 // Design: Clara Jung // Image: Emily Gilbert

Modern Glam Hunter Green Bathroom

Tile Shown: Hunter Green in 2 x 8 // Design: Adele Lapointe // Image: Mitch Shenker Studio

Hunter Green Kitchen Backsplash

Tile Shown: Hunter Green in 2 x 8 // Design: Taylor + Taylor Co // Image: Tiffany J. Photography

Salton Sea

On the softer side of green, Salton Sea is all about calm. In Asian culture, jade has long been celebrated for its stress relief and Salton Sea’s jade-green hue gives a space a similar effect.

Calming Spa Bath in Fireclay Salton Sea

Tile Shown: Salton Sea Ogee // Design: Harper Design Projects, Janie Clark // Image: Blake Verdoorn

Think of Salton Sea as a form of self-care, giving a bathroom, sauna, steam shower, or even your kitchen an extra way to help you decompress and relax. As we look forward to 2022, doesn’t that sound nice?

Transitional Tuxedo Kitchen

Tile Shown: Salton Sea in 2 x 6 // Design: Metro Design Build Inc. // Image: Jeffrey Johnson

Small Spaces feat. handmade tile

Tile Shown: Salton Sea 2 x 8 // Design: Cathie Hong // Image: Christy Quiambao

Modern Victorian Bathroom Tile

Tile Shown: Salton Sea in 2 x 6 // Design: Flahr Design Build // Image: Elle Seanor

Palm Tree

Where Hunter Green’s cozy and Salton Sea is calming, Palm Tree just wants to have fun! This chartreuse color lights a room with a vivid yellow-green color that makes a statement in any space. Showers, kitchens, even living rooms can capture the energy of this flora-forward color

Modern Palm Tree Kitchen

Tile Shown: Palm Tree in 6" Hexagon, Olympic Brick // Design: Silent J Design // Image: TC Peterson Photography

Big in the 60s, the shade is making a bigger comeback in 2022. For an unexpected vintage look that feels right on time, Palm Tree doesn’t miss.

Mid Century Modern Chartreuse Bathroom Shower Tile

Tile Shown: Palm Tree in 2x4 // Design: MODTAGE design // Image: Christopher Stark

Milky Way

What Millenial pink was for the 2010s, Milky Way is the color we’re blushing over for 2022. This taupe neutral is like the khaki hue of a Southern Magnolia petal, giving just a drop of light color to backsplashes, bathrooms, fireplaces, and floors.

Modern Neutral Kitchen

Tile Shown: Milky Way in 3 x 3 // Design: Barrett Prendergast // Image: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Perfect for minimalist Scandi-inspired homes that feature blonde wood and bright windows, Milky Way will warm up a space without stealing the show from other design elements.

Wabi Sabi Bathroom

Tile Shown: Milky Way in 1 x 6 // Design: Tamar Barnoon // Image: Laure Joliet


Alpaca is a wooly grey color with a range of personalities thanks to its high variation finish. Together, this array of neutral colors gives the mottled look of a heather grey sweater.

Alpaca by Fireclay Tile

Greys tend to have a bleak and cold look to them (think concrete), but Alpaca tends to go in the other direction, like a grey hue that was raised by tans. This neutral plays well in minimalist or industrial homes or any space where color isn’t going to fly but stark white won’t either.

Arch Shower Niche with Shelf

Tile Shown: Custom color. For a look like this, try Alpaca 2 x 4, Alpaca 2 x 8, Alpaca 1 x 6, Tusk 2 x 8 // Design: Wendi Ellen Sue Architecture // Image: Sen Creative


Like vintage leather, Antique gives interiors a bold heirloom quality from the moment it’s grouted. With noticeable variation, this color can have an almost tortoiseshell appearance. The satin finish sits between matte and gloss giving it a unique texture that only adds to its leathery soft appearance.

Modern Craftsman Kitchen

Tile Shown: Calcite in 4 x 4, Antique in 8" Hexagon

Modern farmhouse kitchens will love this rich and rustic color, with a warm and welcoming tone that makes you feel right at home.

Hexite bathroom backsplash

Tile Shown: Antique Hexite // Design: Jared Zimmerman & Shannon Badiee // Image: Aerial Canvas

Quick Ship Star and cross bathroom

Tile Shown: Antique in Mini Star & Cross // Design + Image: Mallory Lunke

Modern Pink and Terracotta Bathroom

Tile Shown: Evening Glow in 2 x 8, Antique in Hexite // Design: Broad Oaks Construction // Image: Open Home Photography

Bryce Canyon

Right there with Antique, rusty reds are set to have a big moment in 2022. The bold burnt umber of Bryce Canyon is bright and uplifting with just the right amount of brown to not come off as childish.

Orange and white diamond shower tile

Tile Shown: Bryce Canyon in Elongated Diamond (Elongated Diamond is discontinued, for a similar design try Large Diamond) // Design: General Assembly // Image: Chris Mottalini

Where the greens on this list make us feel closer to the temperate outdoors, Bryce Canyon calls on desert adventures and wide-open spaces to make any home or office seem a little less confining and a lot more fun.

Bryce Canyon Picket Braid Kitchen

Tile Shown: Bryce Canyon in Picket // Design: Kay + Hannah Art Advisory

Painted Sky

Speaking of deserts, our final color trend as we look ahead to 2022 aptly looks to the horizon. Painted Sky captures the dusty purple sunset shadows cast across the desert landscape after a day of exploring. The day is waning, things are calming and we start to dream about the days ahead.

Purple Handmade Tile

As we close the books on 2021, we couldn’t think of a better color to set our sights on the days ahead in 2022. Ups and downs, business and pleasure, there’s a lot in store for us, but may we always have a calming space to come home to as the sun sets and the world slows down.

Block Shop x Fireclay x Desert Collection Cafe Bar

Tile Shown: Painted Sky 3x6, Red Rock 8x8, Dot Dash in Charcoal Motif

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