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Fireclay Tile 2022 Forecast Design & Color Trends

Sample 2022

Trendy Twenty-Two

Thinking of any New Years Renovations? From trends to follow to tips for setting your own, we're counting down the top 7 trends set to sweep interior design in 2022.

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The Future of Design

#7 Mad for Plaid

Plaid, tartan, checks, whatever you call it, it’s in for 2022. Plaid is the quintessential country aesthetic that works in a number of design styles.

#6 Earthy Umbers

Hues of rich leather, vintage cognac, and rust-red terra cotta are sure to be making appearances on the homes and runways of top trendsetters. Shades of umber, sienna, and ochre warm up a space with an antique and earthy quality.

#5 Get Textural

100+ standard colors and infinite custom options to perfect your vision is one of the reasons Fireclay Tile is so beloved, but for us, it’s the distinct personality of every handmade tile that makes each piece so special.

#4 Own your Style

One of our favorite things at Fireclay is seeing all the inspiring ways designers and homeowners use our tile and after 35 years, people are still surprising us. It’s fun to have fun, and when you express what makes you, you, people will take notice!

#3 Past Meets Present

Even the most contemporary home can take a page from the past to customize a design style. Minimalist, modern, farmhouse and transitional designs are all setting trends by incorporating elements of the past into iterations of the future.

#2 Shades of Green

Carrying the earth tone trend from the other side of the color wheel, greens are going to be sprouting up in interiors in 2022. From paint to plant life, the colors of chlorophyll make spaces feel fresh, energetic, and alive.

#1 Soft Curves

From architectural design to furniture, rigid is out, and soft and curvy is all the rage. Art Deco archways, bending Adobe, mid-century coved ceilings, soft curves are coming in hot in 2022.

Colors of the Future

Set the Tone for 2022

As we turn the page on 2021, we're looking forward to a year of feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. Here are the colors to do it.

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