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5 Tips for Finding the Right Tile Installer

5 Tips for Finding the Right Tile Installer

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Finding a top-notch tile installer is hard. Installing handmade tile like ours requires patience and years of experience, so it is important to take your time when making this paramount decision.  But don't worry, we've got you covered.  We gathered some tips and advice from the pros and put together a list of things to consider when choosing your tile contractor.  Be sure to keep these in mind during your selection process to ensure a successful and hassle free installation.

1.) Go where the Pros Go

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a tile installer.  Rather than going to retail tile stores, check out some tile supply stores that sell directly to tile contractors.  These dealers work with the pros on a daily basis, and will have a pretty good sense of who does great work.  Stop by and request a list of names and/or reccommendations, and keep in mind, tile installers who buy directly from tile supply stores buy tile often, which means they are probably experienced in the industry.

2.) Use your own resources

You ask your friends and family for recommendations on everything from which restaurants to try to which dentist to go to, why not use them as a resource when looking for a tile installer?  There is a pretty good chance someone you know has gone through this process before, or knows someone who has, and can provide a useful recommendation.  But don’t skip on the rest of the selection process, just because your friend was happy with their work, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be.

3.) Meet with at least 3 prospective installers

Don’t limit yourself to just one or two candidates.  Always meet with, and get bids from at least three prospective installers to ensure you are getting the highest quality work for the best possible value.  It never hurts to be picky when it comes to tile.  Topics to discuss with prospective installers:

a.) How much tile will I need to order?

b.)  How long should I expect the installation to take?

c.) How many people will you have working on my project?

d.) Can I have a copy of your insurance certificate?

Client Tile Installation

4.) Inspect their past work

Just like an architect or an interior designer, a tile installer should have a portfolio of past work to share with their potential clients.  When inspecting a candidates work, be sure to focus on the details, because when dealing with tile, the details are what will make or break your design.  Not to mention a poorly executed tile installation will cost you more time and money than necessary.  Don't forget, photos are great, but can be deceiving.  To get the best idea of an installers past work, ask to view at least one prior installation on site.

5.) Check References

Always check references, isn’t this true for just about everything?  Be sure to ask the references not only about the tile installation itself, but the entire process.  Find out how it was working with the installer–did they finish the project in a timely manner?  Did they stay within budget?  Were they professional and organized on the job?

Client Tile Installation

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