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4 Kitchen Backsplash Trends You'll Fall For

4 Kitchen Backsplash Trends You'll Fall For

Tile color shown: Daffodil; Kitchen design: Rick & Cindy Black Architects; Image: Whit Preston Photography

A great backsplash makes or breaks your kitchen design, and with endless possibilities when it comes to pattern, color, size, and layout, it can be a challenge to decide which will work best in your kitchen.  There are a ton of factors to consider–What color are your cabinets, what does your floor look like, what material have you sourced for your countertops?  With all of these considerations in mind we put together 4 of our favorite backsplash trends to help spark your creativity, and get your backsplash project started!  We've also highlighted a few other favorite backsplash trends here.

1.) Eclectic Pattern

Even the most traditional patterns can be made unique, you just need to figure out the best way to give it a personal touch.  We love how the kitchen below uses our Ogee shape, a fairly traditional Moroccan pattern to create a personal twist in their kitchen.  By turning the shape on its side and opting for a vibrant, Turquoise hue, the classic pattern and the space feel fresh and contemporary.

Tile color shown: Turquoise; Image: Kirsten Kaiser Photography

2.) A Hint of Handpainted

Our new Handpainted designs will make a statement no matter how you use them, but we have fallen hard for a "less is more" mentality when it comes to these impactful patterns.  The kitchen below is the perfect example of this minimalist mantra–A square of our pattern, Isosceles is framed by a classic and clean 3x6 subway tile, making the Handpainted pattern an immediate focal point in the space.

Tile color shown: White Wash; Handpainted pattern shown: Isosceles; Image: Jenny Nelson Photography

3. Warm Modernism

If you've ever stopped by our San Francisco Showroom, you might notice we are suckers for yellow.  Yellow is loud and bold, but strategic pops of this vibrant hue throughout your home will create major, envy-worthy impact.  The Mid-Century Modern kitchen below has the right idea by choosing a backsplash that adds a playful splash of color to their modern design.  The 2x4 Tile in Daffodil is placed in a Straight Set layout, giving the playful, sunny hue, a modern makeover.

Tile color shown: Daffodil; Kitchen design: Rick & Cindy Black Architects; Image: Whit Preston Photography

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