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2022 Diversity Advancement Scholarship Building Equity for Black Women Architects

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Representation Matters

Black women are vastly underrepresented in architecture. Current data shows that just 0.4% of licensed architects in the U.S are Black women. We’re taking action to change that.

Why does diversity in design matter? Because Architecture shapes the world we all share and an inclusive industry helps build an inclusive world.

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Support Black Women Pursuing Architecture

We believe that architecture should reflect the diverse society it serves.

In order to support the progress of aspiring Black women architects and narrow the racial disparities in the industry, Fireclay Tile has partnered with the Architects Foundation to sponsor a Diversity Advancement Scholarship for Black women pursuing architecture.

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Meet Oni!

We’re beyond excited to introduce you to the inaugural recipient of our Fireclay Diversity Advancement Scholarship, the incredibly talented visual artist, and future Architect, Oni Thornell. Via our scholarship, Oni will receive funds (that you've helped us raise!) towards her tuition at Syracuse University.

We're thrilled to support talented, inquisitive, and compassionate future architects like Oni. Her thoughtful approach to environmental and community impact demonstrates a keen understanding of the forward-thinking change that our team at Fireclay greatly respects. With inspiring change-makers like Oni, we know a brighter, more inclusive future for all is possible.

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One on One With The Architects Foundation

How does your contribution support a new generation of diverse architects? We connected with the Architects Foundation about the history of Diversity Advancement Scholarships and the students it's supported along the way.

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We’re honored to announce that our 2021 Diversity Advancement Scholarship with The Architects Foundation has been named Best in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion - Partnership or Collaboration, Silver Medal Class at the inaugural Anthem Awards.

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How to Share

Ready to support? We invite you to participate in spreading the word! The more we raise, the more scholarships we can fund, and the sooner we can help bring a missing vision and voice to the field. Click below for our Sharing Toolkit.

For donations of $1,000 or greater, please e-mail your company's logo (JPeg file) to Kali@Fireclaytile.com to be featured on this page!

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The Architects Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN #59-3819154.

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