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Sustainably Made

Sustainability Is the Heart of Who We Are

We started making tile because we believed there was a better way. Since Fireclay’s founding, we’ve been hard at work finding the most sustainable ways to manufacture our products and run our business. 

Mindful Manufacturing

The numbers say it all. From glaze recycling to water reclamation, we’re using data to measure our progress as we continue to advance our sustainable initiatives.

Made in California
All of our signature ceramic Tile is handmade in California using domestically-sourced materials.

The Only B Corp in Tile
As the only tile company to be a certified B Corporation, we’re committed to using business as a force for good.

100% of Carbon Emissions Offset
Our CA factory uses 100% renewable energy and offsets all of its carbon emissions.

Our Products Qualify

Our products qualify for most industry-leading sustainability certifications. Get connected with your local Fireclay commercial representative to learn more.

Let’s collaborate on your next sustainable build. Ask how our mindful manufacturing methods can help you achieve your LEED goals.

What we’re made of matters. Our materials are carefully sourced and shared with you so you can have the highest confidence in our products.

Transparency is key to minimizing our industry’s impact. We’re always assessing our manufacturing practices and finding ways to improve.

See How It's Done

Recapture Water

All the water used in production is recaptured through drains and redistributed to the glaze line or extruders.

Recycle Granite Fines

We incorporate 36,000 lbs of recycled granite fines, waste from cutting granite rocks, in our Recycled Tile Body daily.

Reuse Glaze Sludge

We reincorporate glaze waste into our clay, which offset the disposal of 200,000 pounds of glaze waste in just six months.