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Style Spotlight Farmhouse Tile

Sample Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse Style Explained

A staple of Americana, emblem of the good life, and home of the practical and unpretentious, farmhouse style is a design style that has evolved over centuries. Nail the farmhouse look in your home with our 11 tips for the perfect farmhouse style.

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Creating the Elevated Farmhouse

Meet Emily Starr Alfano!

Emily is the "Starr" behind Boston-based lifestyle studio mStarr Design. With a knack for blending the artisan with the mainstream, Emily makes layered, approachable interiors that reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles. Head to our blog for more inspiration from the modern farmhouse expert herself.

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Emily's Farmhouse Style Tips

Mix + Match Metals and Woods

"While you want to keep things fresh, add hints of the unexpected. There's nothing wrong with matching your faucet, lighting and hardware, but it's that much nicer to do a mix of metals."

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Incorporate Open Shelving

"Some may say this is trendy, but I think open shelving is timeless and a beautiful way to display both everyday and decorative items that you (and your guests) want to look at! If you're worried about storage or dust, just do a small section."

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Layer Textures

"Farmhouse style is all about achieving a collected, lived-in look, and that means layering textures. This will add visual interest and build depth throughout your home."

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Keep Colors Minimal

"I think the farmhouse style is appealing because it's so inviting. Too much color or too many bold colors, and it starts to get away from that."

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Add Herringbone

"Maybe this screams more Parisian apartment, but it's got historical roots and is the loveliest addition to a home, whether on the floors or the walls."

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Incorporate Vintage-Inspired Elements

"Vintage items have stories to tell and can set your design apart. Sometimes vintage can be worthy investment, but there are also many beautiful and affordable accents you can find on places like Etsy and Ebay (and certainly more unique)!"

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Sample Farmhouse Tile

Bring a piece of Farmhouse Style home. Our Farmhouse Style Sample selects include Ceramic Tile color samples in Driftwood, Skipping Stone, Sandstone, and Cardamom; and Brick color samples in Klamath, Olympic, Sierra Nevada, Front Range.

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