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Tile School: How to Choose the Right Grout for Your Colorful Tile Project

By Shannon Malone

Tile School: How to Choose the Right Grout for Your Colorful Tile Project

Tile shown: Paseo in Azurine; Image: Patricia Chang Photography

Choosing the right grout for your tile project is already a hard decision, but when your tile is colorful, the choice can be even more difficult.  The grout color you use with a bright tile color will have an effect on it's over all appearance, so when picking grout it is important to have an overall idea of how you want the tile color to look in your space.  There are 4 major grout options for bright tile colors: white grout, neutral grout, monochromatic grout, and dark grout.  Below we'll take you through each grout color category to help you decide which is best for the tile project.

White Grout

White grout is the easiest to match with bright tile colors.  It will make the tile color look even more vibrant, and your space will emphasize the tile rather than your grout line.  However a white grout will also highlight the pattern of your tile, so it works well with bright colors in specialty shapes like our Ogee in Turquoise below.

Tile shown: Ogee in Turquoise; Image: Kirsten Kaiser Photography

Neutral Grout

When you don't want your grout to be a focal point, opt for a neutral grout hue.  This will blend in a little bit more with your tile color, and make the overall grout pattern less visible.  However keep in mind that a neutral grout color against a bright tile color will dull down the overall brightness of your tile, making the look a little more subdued.  If using a neutral we suggest a creamy white, or a soft gray grout color.

Tile shown: 2 x 4 in Daffodil; Image: Whit Preston

Monochromatic Grout

If you want your grout to blend right in with your tile color, choose a grout color within the same color family.  This might be more difficult to find, but there are a variety of colorful grout options out there.  If using the same grout color as your tile we suggest going one shade lighter, or one shade darker than your tile color. This way, if your grout color is off in color it is on purpose.

Dark Grout

The last grout category is darker hues.  Pick a grout color that is significantly darker than your tile, such as the dark gray grout used in the bathroom below.  This will create contrast against your tile color, and will help highlight the overall pattern of your design.  Keep in mind that the grout line will be more apparent when using a dark grout color, especially if your tile color is on the lighter side.

Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

Still need help choosing the right grout color for your tile project?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.