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Tile by Style: Passport to a Moroccan Bathroom

By Pearl

Tile by Style: Passport to a Moroccan Bathroom

Image: Bear and Beans

Maybe it’s the mysterious allure that veils its sun-kissed cities, its winding streets, bustling bazaars, or simply wanderlust, but something about Morocco captures the spirit of adventure in us all. Beloved for its eclectic heritage and striking artistry, Morocco has resurged as a design style in its own right. 

Architectural Elements

Morocco is dominated by Moorish architecture, a beautiful blend of North African and Islamic influences. Domes cap off buildings, while entrances shaped as lancet, ogee, and horseshoe arches. Riads, traditional Moroccan homes, have been restored to their former glory with beautiful, sun-kissed courtyards adorned with elaborate fretwork, colorful fountains, and elaborately decorated tile the region is renowned for (explore our Moroccan Collection for more inspiration).


Image: DS Photographic 

Motifs and Patterns

Perhaps some of the most recognizable elements of Moroccan design are its colorfully elaborate patterns. Moorish knots, intricate medallions, eight-pointed stars, quatrefoils, curving arabesques, and intricate florals can appear in mesmerizing repetition throughout a traditional Moroccan home. From tiles to fretwork, these patterns are depicted in beautiful detail. You might also find star and cross, ogee, and checkered tiles.

Image: These Foreign Lands 

Color Palette

Despite its desert backdrop, Morocco is imbued with a richly saturated color palette. You won’t need to go much further than a local bazaar to see hues that range from royal blues to burnt umbers to lush greens. Morocco’s richly crafted textiles and tiles also add colorful flavor and allure that has transfixed the country’s visitors for centuries.

Image: Buzzfeed

Tile shown: Tuolomne Meadows 

Tile shown: Claypot

Tile shown: Emerald 

Tile shown: Santorini Blue

Moroccan Tile for the Bathroom

Morocco’s rich history of tile making offers the perfect backdrop of bathroom decor. Vibrant and exotic, Moroccan-style tile can transform your bathroom into a bohemian oasis. No matter what your home’s style is, a colorful bathroom is sure to offer an inspiring respite from life day-to-day (not to mention a chance for you to branch out with your decor).


One way to add Moroccan flavor to your bathroom is with an all-over Handpainted Tile installation. Inspired by the intricate mosaics that adorn the walls of raids, traditional Moroccan homes, and beautiful Mosques, our Handpainted Tile showcases timeless motifs like medallions and stars.

Image, left: Digs Digs

Tile shown: Handpainted Moroccan Tile in Persian Star, Neutral Motif 

On a budget? You can still make an impact by choosing your favorite design and incorporating it into a smaller area of the bathroom. Backsplashes and showers are a great place for featuring decorative tiles.

Image: Decoholic 

Handpainted Tile shown: Kabuki Sphere in Cool Motif 


Echoing the curved and often elaborate motifs in Moroccan architecture, tile patterns like Ogee, Paseo, and Star and Cross add eye-catching dimension to bathroom floors and backsplashes.  

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Taking cues from Moroccan designs, this bathroom’s Star and Cross floor pairs perfectly with the arched vanity mirror.

Tiles shown: Star and Cross Pattern | 3x6 Tile in White Wash

An ogee mosaic takes inspiration from Morocco’s coastal landscape with a tidal wave wall of color.

Image: Red Online

Tile shown: Straight Set Ogee Drop

You’ll also often find checkered tile patterns in Moroccan interior designs. Install it as flooring and balance it out with a solid-colored wall tile.

Image: Eye for Design

Tile Borders

Even if your bathroom doesn’t feature arched entrances, you can still recreate these architectural elements as a statement wall.  

Image: Design Marvl

Tile shown: Azurine 

Even if you choose a single color for your tile, you can achieve a Moroccan-inspired look when it’s sprinkled with decorative elements like mirrors, lighting, and textiles.

Image: Whapin

Tile Rug

You can also recreate Morocco’s rich textile tradition with a tile rug. By framing an area of your floor with a Handpainted Tile design, you can create a striking focal point that anchors your space (plus, it’s water-resistant!).

Image: The Jungalow 

Handpainted Tile Shown: Lugo in Cool Motif 

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