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The Tile Staircase: How to Make Each Step Count

The Tile Staircase: How to Make Each Step Count

An exterior staircase design featuring our Handpainted Tile

You've upgraded your kitchen backsplash or maybe your bathroom floor with beautiful handmade tile, but what about your staircase? We think staircases are one of the most overlooked design opportunities–a real shame because with a little creativity your staircase can easily become a focal point in your home. Whether you choose a single bold hue, or a patchwork combination, the staircase is the perfect platform to showcase color and pattern. To help your stairs rise to the challenge, we put together some helpful tips and tricks.

For an element of surprise try alternating patterns on each step giving your ascent up the stairs an unexpected experience. We suggest alternating between two and three patterns and choosing colors that complement each other.

For an eclectic yet cohesive look use a monochromatic color scheme in multiple patterns. The use of a single color will help tie the mix and matched patterns together.

A staircase installation featuring our Handpainted Tile in a custom design

This staircase uses an all black and white color scheme with a variety of graphic patterns. The simple color scheme creates a sense of cohesion and prevents the mixed patterns from overwhelming the design.

If you love the Spanish Colonial Revival look try mixing and matching multiple colors and patterns, a signature design feature of the period. With endless pattern combinations to choose from you're sure to find a look that is uniquely yours. We suggest balancing the look with a solid tile and a neutral interior.

A staircase installation featuring our Handpainted Tile

An exterior staircase featuring our Handpainted Tile

A staircase with a single pattern can make just as loud of a statement. Try a simple geometric pattern in one or two highly saturated colors. We love how this staircases uses a simple blue and white tile to subtly create an upward movement in the design.

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