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Meet the Dream Team: Lauren Ritchie

Meet the Dream Team: Lauren Ritchie

Hi there! My name is Lauren and I’m part of the Design Consultant Team that helps customers all over the U.S. and world with their Fireclay Tile purchases.

I entered the design world a few years ago after feeling a pull to be more creative in my work. My background is in accounting, so I am really geared toward numbers and love helping clients work within their budgets. But even more than that I love working hand-in-hand with clients to choose the perfect color, material, and pattern for their space. For our customers, designing a space is very personal, and at times, very daunting! So I am happy if I can do anything to make the process easier for them.  Below are some of my favorite colors, styles, and Fireclay projects, Enjoy!

My Favorite Fireclay Products...

I love our Brick color, Parakeet–Rich color meets rustic texture. It’s a match made in heaven!  I'm also a fan of a glaze that really pops, such as Azurine.  I can’t get enough of the saturated color and high crackle finish.  Our Glass color, Dew Drop is another favorite.  It's our most translucent Glass color and it showcases the tiny bubbles that form inside our glass tiles during production. The bubbles create such a cool and subtle internal texture.

My Style...

I gravitate toward interiors that have a feeling of life and movement. Color and texture play a huge part in making a space feel alive–I love projects that successfully incorporate bright pops of color with neutrals and fun patterns with negative space. Ultimately I just want a space that makes me feel happy!  So my number one priority as a Design Consultant is to learn what makes my clients happy and make that a reality for them.

My Favorite Fireclay Projects...

I love color and I especially gravitate toward blues and greens. But too much color can sometimes be...too much! This installation perfectly balances a large area of colorful, curvy Paseo tiles (in my favorite glaze, Azurine) with clean, modern lines and airy neutrals.

Tile shown: Paseo in Azurine; Image: Patricia Chang Photography

This project is a shining example of how a custom colorway can completely transform our handpainted tile patterns. This client was wonderful to work with and knew exactly what colors she wanted to see on her Kabuki Sphere tile. The end result is fabulous, fun, and bright! The use of the yellow glazed edges is also brilliant - kudos to the installer.

Handpainted tile shown: Kabuki Sphere in a custom color motif; Image: Marty Crosley Photography

Many of our specialty field tiles come loose so customers can create a custom blend by breaking their order up into a few glazes. It makes the final installation feel so unique and personal. These Ogee Drops remind me of dragon scales!

Tile shown: Ogee Drop in Tomato Red and Tangerine

Who loves doing laundry? Not me! But I imagine that I would like doing laundry a lot more if I had this fun, free-form mosaic in my laundry room. What an awesome way to use our glass rounds - they look like bubbles!

Glass shown: CRT rounds; Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

There are so many things I love about this installation - the saturated color, the variation, the matchstick size, the wine station...the only question I have is, “Who’s pouring?!”.

Tile shown: 1 x 6 in Martinique; Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

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