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Introducing: Fireclay Essentials

By Ted Ryan

Introducing: Fireclay Essentials

Available exclusively in our Quick Ship Shop, Essentials offers 8 timeless colors, 3 versatile shapes, and our most budget-friendly price ever.

Essentials by the Numbers

1 Brand New Tile Body

Developed with our partners in the Pacific Northwest, this Made in the USA product features a red recycled ceramic clay body. Essentials is produced using a dry press technique before glaze is applied then fired once in a fast fire kiln – requiring less cost and fewer emissions.

tile backs
Our new recycled tile body

As always, every vendor we partner with is subject to our Partner Code of Conduct so that every step in our supply chain is held to the environmental, labor, and community standards we stand for.

8 Inspired Colors

In honor of this newly forged partnership, our introductory collection of Essentials colors is inspired by the palette of the Pacific Northwest.

tile on white background
Our Essentials line includes Ceramic colors (from left to right) Hood River, Alberta Blue, Pearl, Timberline, Puget Sound, Salt Creek, Manzanita and Cloud Cover.

Ranging from pearly white to shadowy grey with cool tones of green and blue in between, each color features a translucent gloss over engobe glaze developed in collaboration with our manufacturing partners to mirror the exclusive variation and qualities Fireclay Tile is known for.

3 Essential Shapes

Essentials is offered in classic 3x6 and 3x9 Field Tile and a sheeted 3x3 Mosaic Tile. Our 2 Field Tile sizes are available in all 8 colors while our Sheeted 3x3 will be available in Manzanita, Salt Creek, Pearl, and Cloud Cover.

3x3 Sheeted, 3x6 and 3x9

The 3x3 Mosaic features a Dot Mount System that is more flexible than mesh-mounted tile and easier to install on curved surfaces like pools, spas, columns, and archways.


These highly versatile shapes offer an array of design choices. They are also modular with a 3/16" grout spacing, meaning all 3 can be combined in your design to create unique patterns and even more design possibilities.

white tile mood board
Salt Creek

It is important to note that Essentials cannot be blended with other Fireclay products. For example, a checkerboard pattern of Essentials and our Ceramic Tile is not recommended due to minor dimension differences between the two tile bodies. On the other hand, a wall of Essentials and a floor of our Ceramic Tile is perfectly acceptable.

Puget Sound

$10 Starting Price Point

Maybe most exciting of all is the price we’re able to offer this exclusive collection. Our 3x6 and 3x9 shapes will be available for just $10/SqFt while the 3x3 Sheeted Mosaic is just $18/SqFt. These prices make Essentials a perfect choice for both homeowners and commercial projects where scale and budget are a priority.

tile bathroom rendering
Tile Shown: Puget Sound 3x9

Essentials also qualify for our standard Trade discounts and Commercial volume pricing making it even more accessible.

5 Days or Less

Essentials will be available in our Quick Ship Shop and ready to ship in 5 days or less.

kitchen tile rendering
Tile Shown: 3x6 Puget Sound

Orders over 500 square feet will require Made-to-Order lead times and custom color development is available for projects over 1,500 square feet.

Check out our Quick Ship Shop to browse and sample Essentials today!