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40 Dreamy Modern Shower Designs

By Blair Hagensen

40 Dreamy Modern Shower Designs

Taking a shower is cleansing and therapeutic–and, let’s face it, even more enjoyable when you’re immersed in a beautiful design. From open-air wonders to overhead rain showers, we’ve compiled 40 of the best and most beautiful modern shower designs to inspire your next project.

Whether your bathroom is perfectly petite or has space to spare, whether clean neutrals are your style or funky colors speak more to your taste, you’ll find plenty of shower ideas in this extensive collection.

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1. Picket Braid Perfection

Step into this stunning shower for a sudden sense of relaxation. Handmade Picket Tile flows like a cool river’s current in a braided pattern along the walls, visible through two sleek panes of glass.

Walk in shower with icy blue picket-shaped tile along the walls

Tile Shown: Picket in Sea Glass // Design: Interior Wanderer // Image: R. Brad Knipstein Photography

2. Wet Room Bathroom

No shower walls, no problem. This modern wet bathroom’s shower area is distinguished solely by an aesthetic stripe of herringbone tile.

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All white bathroom with soaking tub on left side of the room and one thick vertical stripe of grey herringbone tile on the right side of the room by the showerhead.

Tile Shown: 2x6 in French Linen // Image: Roehner + Ryan // Installer: The Ranch Mine

3. Pretty in Pink

Rosy glass tile gives this shower a frosty pink glow, with a wall-length niche for extra storage.

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Pastel pink shower with black fixtures and teal floor.

Glass Shown: 2x12 in Rosy Finch // Design: Metro Design Build // Image: Jeffrey Johnson // Installer: Metro Design Build

4. Thrice As Nice

Featuring three mounted shower heads, this standout shower is as sophisticated as it is spacious.

Spacious walk-in double shower with navy tile wainscoting below marble walls

Tile Shown: Chaine Femme and 6x12 in Navy Blue // Design: Noz Design // Installer: O'Reilly Tile Design Inc.

5. Modern Serenity

This dreamy shower beckons you in with floor-to-ceiling tile and an inviting wooden bench.

Neutral bathroom with large walk-in shower featuring glass doors and wooden shower bench

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Magnolia and Mist // Design: Imbue Design

6. Nice Niches

Blending tastefully into its 1920s home, this modern shower is a thing of glass and beauty (and no fewer than four shower niches).

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Walk-in shower clad with grey-green tile.

Tile Shown: 2” Hexagon and 3x9 in Flagstone // Design: haywoodmade interiors // Image: Paper + Pate Photography

7. Burgundy Beauty

Deep red tile with black accents, including a black-framed glass partition, is a winning combination for this walk-in shower.

Walk-in shower with burgundy tile set in a vertical straight-set

Tile Shown: 3x12 in Halite and Pheasant (for a similar look try Vintage Leather) // Design and Image: Chase Daniel

8. Fresh & Clean

White tile is anything but boring in this satisfying shower, featuring a wall-length storage niche clad in a contrasting shape.

Large walk-in shower with blue tile floor, white subway tile on the walls, and a wall-length shower niche inlaid with white diamond-shaped tile

Tile Shown: 4x8 in Calcite, Small Diamond in Calcite and Nautical // Design: Clara Jung // Image: Colin Price Photography

9. Brick Works

This walk-in shower effortlessly blends an unexpected combination of blue-green brick on the walls and black and white handpainted tile on the floor.

Shower and tub surround clad with blue-green brick, with handpainted black and white tile across the bathroom floor

Brick Shown: San Gabriel, Handpainted Tile Shown: Uni Mountain in Black & White Motif // Design: Annette Vartanian // Image: Bethany Nauert

10. New Traditional

Not into open showers? This space keeps the modern look along with the traditional shower enclosure thanks to black accents.

Large neutral colored shower with black-framed glass shower door

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Tusk, 2x2 Sheeted and 6x6 in Ivory, 4x4 in Shetland Wool, Handpainted Seville in Neutral Motif // Design: K.Squared Design // Image: Sierra Ann Photography

11. Dark & Daring

Subvert classic design and go to the dark side with standard subway tile in a dark charcoal-green.

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Walk-in shower with floor to ceiling charcoal-green tile, white floor, and built-in shower bench

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Cyclone // Design: SVK Interior Design // Image: Suzanna Scott Photography

12. Emulate MM

Mandy Moore’s bathroom features a sleek and streamlined shower clad in high variation tile that lends it a luxuriously organic allure.

Warm, light bathroom with glass-enclosed walk-in shower clad in soothing green tile

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Rosemary // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel, Emily Farnham Architecture // Image: Tessa Neustadt // Installer: Bronstruction

13. Make A Splash

A splash of color, that is. This otherwise neutral bathroom gets a memorable pop from the icy blue mosaic shower floor.

Petite bathroom in cool grey tones with a bright, turquoise mosaic floor

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Shetland Wool and 1x4 Sheeted in Glacier Bay // Design: Noz Design // Installer: O'Reilly Tile Design Inc.

14. Look Down

This sleek shower is a winner in every detail, but the nature-inspired floor is truly unforgettable.

White and light-filled shower stall with an ombre mosaic floor

Tile Shown: 3x6 in White Wash, 3” Hexagon in Gypsum, Salton Sea, Morning Thaw, Dusty Blue, Nautical, Cyclone, and Carbon // Design: Tom McElroy Architecture // Image: Rachel Styer

15. Soothing Surround

Step into this spacious shower and you’ll be surrounded by hues as soothing as a cleansing rain.

Large shower with glass doors and walls clad with light blue tile

Tile Shown: 3x9 in Hood River, 6” Hexagon in Daisy

16. Soak Up The Sun

Need a quick recharge? This sun-filled shower is sure to be your happy place.

Sunny shower stall with glass door and overhead windows

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Feldspar and Dolomite // Design: Veneer Design // Image: Charlotte Lea

17. Go Green

A lesson in bold simplicity, the hunter-green tile in this shower strikes just the right balance of organic and urbane.

Walk-in shower clad with hunter green tile installed in a vertical straight-set

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Hunter Green // Design: Clara Jung // Image: Emily Gilbert

18. Wet Your Plants

Pastel colors and touches of nature work together to soften the striking lines in this modern shower.

Glass enclosed shower with pink tile on the walls and indoor plant on wooden table in the shower

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Tumbleweed, 4x8 and 2x6 in Tusk // Design: Eliza Blank // Image: Stefanie Villers

19. Pattern Play

Handpainted tile makes for one show-stopping shower, complete with a coordinating niche.

Shower tiled with grey and white handpainted tile

Tile Shown: Handpainted Winter Mountain in a custom colorway and 2x8 in Flagstone // Design: Lauren Nelson Design // Image: Thomas J Story

20. Modern Coastal

Start or wind down your day in serenity with a soothing effect from cool green-blue tile.

Shower clad in blue-green tile with glass partition and black shower fixtures

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Salton Sea // Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design // Image: Ellen Vanessa

21. It’s All In The Details

Classic with a subtle twist, this stunning shower features a blend of two tile sizes that are a thoughtful alternative to timeless subway tile.

Glass enclosed shower with white tiled walls featuring two different sizes of tile

Tile Shown: 3x3 Sheeted and 3x6 in Tusk // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

22. Geometric Blend

We love a good blend, and this shower delivers with specialty-shaped tile in a playfully color-coordinated palette.

Shower walls clad in a blend of blue, white, and grey tile

Tile Shown: Kite in Adriatic Sea, Magnetite, Shale, and Calcite // Design + Image: EJ Interior Design

23. Sleek Lines

Giving off a faintly lunar glow, this futuristic bathroom is all about straight lines and 90-degree angles.

Bright white bathroom with open shower door and vertical straight-set tile

Tile Shown: 2x2 Sheeted and 3x9 in Moonshine // Design: Lyons Studio // Image: Kylie Fitts

24. Autumnal Delight

This shower’s earthy golden glass tile offers a nature-inspired remedy to the daily routine.

Walk-in shower with rich orange glass tile and black-framed glass partition

Glass Tile Shown: Falcon // Design: Andrea Dabene // Image: Alex Strohl

25. Retro-Modern Vibes

Straight-set tile in a retro hue stretches along the floor and wall of this master bath as two glass walls neatly frame the shower area.

Two glass panels frame a shower on the inner corner of tile-clad walls

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Flagstone and Calcite // Design: Jen Pinkston // Image: Katie Jameson

26. Parquet All Day

Take your white tile up a notch by installing it in a picture-perfect parquet pattern, as Orlando Soria did in his guest bathroom.

Shower clad with white tile installed in a parquet pattern

Tile Shown: 2x4 in White Wash // Design + Install: Orlando Soria // Image: Tessa Neustadt

27. Streamlined Centerpiece

The glass-enclosed shower is the crown jewel right in the middle of this all-green bathroom.

Bathroom with green tile across the floor and up the walls, with glass-enclosed shower in the middle of one wall

Tile Shown: 4x8 in Limon and 8x8 in Sea Green // Image: Melissa di Meglio // Installer: Claudia Morales

28. Lean Into The Luxe

Rich tile color and luxe gold shower fixtures create a modern shower with no shortage of elegance.

Modern glass-enclosed shower with rich green-blue tile on the walls and ceiling

Tile Shown: 1x4 Sheeted and 3x9 in Tempest, and 2x6 in Tusk // Design: Everyday Interior Design // Image: Kelli Kroneberger Photography

29. Try Terrazzo

Warm neutral glass tile matched with terrazzo takes this bathroom design to the next level.

Walk-in shower with terrazzo across the floor and warm neutral glass tile along the walls

Glass Tile Shown: Sparrow (for a similar look try Dove) // Design: Lorla Studio // Image: Vivian Johnson

30. Add A Soaking Tub

This mid century modern bathroom flows easily–and beautifully–from the shower to the copper soaking tub.

Midcentury modern bathroom with large walk-in shower featuring a copper soaking tub

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Evergreen // Design + Image: Claire Thomas

31. Repeat Shapes

Four-sided shapes rule this cool shower, with mosaic square tile throughout and a built-in rectangular niche in the same shape as the window above it.

Walk-in shower tiled in square mosaic tile with rectangular built-in niche below a rectangular window

Tile Shown: 3x3 in Daisy // Design: Thea Home Inc., Adam Pearson // Image: Matt Armendariz

32. Modern Mustard

This blended bathroom leans into a retro-inspired sunny hue, with a playful accent wall showcased in the modern shower.

Bathroom with mustard-hued tile along the walls leading to an accent wall of blended tile colors in the shower

Tile Shown: 6x6 in Sunflower, 6” Triangle in Sunflower, Calcite, Dusty Blue, and Driftwood // Design: Silent J Design // Image: TC Peterson Photography // Installer: Damskov Construction

33. Go Your Own Spray

When you find the perfect showerhead situation like this inviting shower, you never look back. How many showerheads do you count?

Glass enclosed shower with blue-green tile on two walls and four showerheads spraying water

Tile Shown: 3x3 Sheeted and 2x6 in Flagstone // Design: The Chris & Claude Co. // Image: Kinna Shaffer, Hailey Patrick

34. Try An Accent Niche

An eye-catching accent niche in rich red anchors this otherwise soft pink shower.

Walk-in shower clad in light pink tile with contrasting accent shower niche clad in rich red tile

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Tumbleweed, Red Rock, and Feldspar // Design + Image: Jessica Jones

35. Backyard Luxury

Start or end your swim in style with a pool house shower awash in soothing green-blue.

Pool house shower clad floor to ceiling in blue-green tile

Tile Shown: 3x3 Sheeted and 3x9 in Salton Sea // Design: Amy Alper // Image: Adam Potts

36. Monochromatic Mosaic

Putty-colored mosaic tile along the walls and shower bench give this spa-like space a peaceful, minimalist feel.

Walk-in shower fully clad in putty-colored mosaic tile

Tile Shown: 2x2 in Pumice // Design + Image: Working Holiday Studio

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37. Diamonds Are Forever

This ultra-spacious shower has a glossy geometric motif thanks to rich green diamond tile.

Large walk-in shower with glass partitions and two walls tiled in rich green diamond-shaped tile

Tile Shown: Small Diamond in Evergreen // Design: Luke Caldwell // Image + Installer: Timber and Love

38. Playful Patchwork

Color block walls, patchwork floor: this vibrant shower is unapologetically bold and unforgettably amazing.

Colorful walk-in shower with red and pink color block tile across the walls and a patchwork of rainbow colored tile along the floor

Tile Shown: 2x8 in Desert Bloom, Mandarin, Ember, Mustard Seed, Aegean Sea, Magnolia w/ Black Patine, Lake Tahoe, Spruce Gloss, and Lichen // Design + Image: Banyan Bridges

39. Classic With A Twist

This shower is all about the neutrals until you look at your feet–teal blue tile laid in a parquet pattern gives a fresh take on the classic white-and-blue color pairing.

Shower with sandy white tile installed in a vertical straight set along the walls with bright teal blue tile in a parquet pattern on the floor

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Tusk and 3x6 in Naples Blue // Design + Image: Leslie Murchie // Installation: Supreme Flooring

40. Find Your Zen

Transport yourself to a state of tranquility without leaving home in this spa bathroom.

Modern walk-in shower with glass partition, jade-colored tile on the back wall and neutral tile on the side walls

Tile Shown: Handpainted Roundabout 4 and Roundabout 2 in Fresco Motif, and 4x4 in Jade and Oyster Shell

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