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Dreaming of A White Fireplace? Here Are 17 Stunning Ideas

By Blair Hagensen

Dreaming of A White Fireplace? Here Are 17 Stunning Ideas

There’s something about a fireplace that makes a space feel ten times homier. Curling up by the glowing embers at the end of the day is one of life’s simple pleasures, and combining that coziness with the timelessness of a white color palette makes for a fireplace you’ll love to feel and see–forever.

The beauty of white fireplaces is that they’re at home in any design style, from starkly modern to laid-back bohemian. White fireplaces have range, baby! We’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite white fireplace designs that are sure to light your fire–keep reading to see them all.

1. Handpainted Just White

We’re kicking things off with a slightly unexpected, but absolutely stunning, fireplace application: handpainted tile. This inviting living room is instantly elevated with the addition of our artisanal Handpainted Sintra Tile on the decorative fireplace and hearth, creating the perfect neutral pop between the original built-ins.

Cozy living room with craftsman-style built-in shelving bordering a white fireplace clad with geometric handpainted tile

Tile Shown: Sintra in Neutral Motif // Design: JL Interior Design // Image: Kuoh Photography

Want to see how our tile is painted by hand? Take an inside look at our Aromas, CA factory here!

2. Fresh & Clean

Sometimes less really is more. Case in point: this minimalist white fireplace that makes a big impact thanks to a simple, cleverly-laid tile border. The dark firebox framed by the tile mirrors the wall-mounted TV hung above the fireplace for an overall soothing and cohesive effect that invites you to curl up and stay a while.

Bright white living area featuring fireplace framed with a minimalist border of off-white tile

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Feldspar // Design: HIR A+D // Image: Kevin Scott, Willie Cole, Hannah Robertson // Installer: Tallman Segerson Builders

3. Floor to Ceiling

Now this is modern rustic design in its purest form–no remote control or color-changing flames here, only classic, natural elements. From the white thin brick that stretches from floor to vaulted ceiling to the marble bench to the oversize geode decoration, every inch of this white fireplace is beautifully appointed.

Floor to ceiling white brick fireplace with a marble bench and black firebox

Brick Shown: Olympic // Design + Image: Caitlyn Shoemaker

4. Reach for the Stars

Turn up the heat on your patio with a white outdoor fireplace. The eye-catching gas fireplace below will make every night a starry night thanks to specialty-shaped Star & Cross Tile featuring cool white Daisy glaze.

Patio featuring an outdoor fireplace clad with white star and cross tile

Tile Shown: Star & Cross in Daisy, Norman Brick in Saguaro // Design: BEX Studios // Image: Brittany Anne Jarman // Installer: ProPacific Builders

5. 45 Degrees Fireside

Framed by a matching wood mantel, the installation of alternating triangles gives this white fireplace plenty of visual interest. We love how the bright white color allows the pattern to shine, drawing the eye up and down the grout lines so that this fireplace is just as mesmerizing even without a real flame.

Fireplace clad with white triangle tile along the surround and hearth

Tile Shown: 6” Triangle in Frost // Design: Gina Rachelle Design // Image: Max Maloney

6. Glammed Up Brick

Just because your fireplace is brick doesn’t mean it needs to be full-on rustic. Take a cue from the luxe living room below, where the floor-to-ceiling column fireplace is clad with white brick that adds the perfect hint of texture balanced out by gold accents, pillowy white sofas, and a glamorous chandelier.

Luxe white living room with a floor to ceiling white brick fireplace

Brick Shown: White Mountains // Design: Meagan Cooperman, ADJ Interiors // Image: Alie O’Brien Photography

7. Plaster Perfect

Here’s a white fireplace that will have you craving winter nights in front of the flickering flame with your coziest blanket and a warm drink. The off-white plaster paint adds an elegant and tastefully aged feel, finished off with a textured accent of white brick for the hearth floor.

Fireplace with off-white plaster paint on the surround and white brick hearth

Brick Shown: Olympic // Design: Silk and Willow // Image + Installer: Shellie Pomeroy

8. Sleek & Streamlined

While many of the fireplaces we’ve showcased have been installed vertically, this one bucked the trend and went horizontal! Clad with thin brick showcasing our white glaze’s beautiful variation, the modern fireplace runs along the lower part of the dining room wall with the fireplace insert cleverly tucked into a built-in alcove.

Dining area with long low white brick fireplace running along the lower part of the wall

Brick Shown: White Mountains // Design + Image: Ramsey McDaniel

9. Cottage Charm

The electric fireplace below infuses this cottage with cozy charm, while the white brick keeps the small space feeling light and breezy. Pretty accessories on the mantel and a glowing realistic flame effect in the electric firebox add to the modern yet timeless design.

Electric fireplace clad with white bricks and topped with brass candleholders and matching framed mirror

Brick Shown: White Mountains // Design + Image: Cottage & Sea

10. Handpainted Centerpiece

This stunning fireplace brings the heat even when it’s not in use thanks to a graphic configuration of handpainted tile. With a white base and endless possibilities, our Block Shop x Fireclay Tile collection creates an unforgettable installation–even when placed between windows with an unforgettable view.

Floor to ceiling fireplace featuring white handpainted tile with black dots and line accents, set in between two large windows with a misty view of mountains

Tile Shown: Roundabout 2 & Roundabout 4 in Gesso Motif, Dot Dash 7 in Charcoal Motif

11. A Modern Classic

If you lean toward new traditional or transitional design, white brick fireplaces fit perfectly into your aesthetic. Tucked neatly into the home’s built-ins below (including a built-in fireplace TV stand), white brick in a classic offset pattern offers timeless design with a subtle modern twist.

White built-in shelving with white brick fireplace in the center

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Calcite // Design: Anja Michals Design

12. Midcentury Motifs

You’ve heard of a stone surround, but how about a starburst surround? The midcentury-style fireplace below features artisanally handpainted white tile with a light grey dryline in a starburst pattern, fitting perfectly into this Mad Men-approved space.

Midcentury modern style fireplace clad with handpainted white tile featuring a starburst pattern

Tile Shown: Starburst in Neutral Motif // Design + Image: Destination Eichler

13. Playing It Cool

Cool white thin brick gives off a nearly faux stone appearance on the floor-to-ceiling 50s style fireplace below. The classic offset pattern is highlighted by luminous white grout that gives the white brick a grey cast by comparison, with a result that’s the epitome of neutral perfection.

Floor to ceiling brick fireplace featuring a cool white glaze that reads almost grey next to the bright white grout

Brick Shown: White Mountains // Design: K Interiors

14. Toned Down Texture

With low color variation and tight grout joints, the white brick on this fireplace gives off an artisan textured look that fits beautifully into the calm, minimalist living room where it’s located.

White minimalist living room with a classic white brick fireplace that features very tight grout lines, giving off a textural feel thanks to the brick's variation

Brick Shown: Lewis Range // Design: Amanda Jane Jones // Image: Stoffer Photography

15. Turn Back Time

In generations past, fireplaces were placed prominently in the kitchen-dining area of a home rather than the living space. The herringbone-accented fireplace in the modern farmhouse below is ready to bring that trend back with classic white subway tile, a prominent fireplace mantel, and even a built-in oven.

Large white tiled fireplace with a herringbone accent along the top

Tile Shown: 3x6 in White Wash

16. Moroccan-Inspired Surround

When you think of Moroccan style, rich colors and desert decadence may come to mind but the fireplace below proves you don’t need either to pull Moroccan inspiration into your home. With geometric Kashbah Trellis Tile featuring white handpainted glaze, this fireplace gives a nod to Morocco while remaining decidedly color-free.

Fireplace clad with handpainted geometric white tile with a black dryline

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis in Neutral Motif // Design: Oak & Ivy Collection // Image: Liz Rodriguez

17. Floating Fireplace

Set atop a built-in bench in this cozy cottage living area, the white brick-clad fireplace offers flames at eye level along with hand storage on either side–and above!

Bright white cottage living room with long bench on one side of the room and built-in, white brick-clad fireplace in the center of the bench

Brick Shown: Olympic // Design: Claire Thomas

Want to brighten up your fireplace with white tile or brick? Bring home up to five free samples to find your favorite shade. If you’d like some help from the pros, fill out this simple form and our friendly tile experts will be in touch with free (really, free!) design services including renderings, cost estimates, and step-by-step support.

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