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Designer Spotlight: Banner Day Interiors

By Lindsey

Designer Spotlight: Banner Day Interiors

Known for creating elevated and approachable spaces, see how female-owned design firm Banner Day Interiors uses Fireclay Tile to make commercial and residential spaces playfully personal. Today we're putting the spotlight on Banner Day founder Clara Jung and sharing her design advice, lessons learned, and top tile picks too.

Meet Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors!


Tell us more about your firm, Banner Day Interiors
Banner Day Interiors is a Berkeley-based interior design firm serving clients throughout the Bay Area and in various other major metro areas. Our team consists entirely of women for whom interior design is a second career, and we couldn't be more proud of this fact. We view our experience in other fields, including law and medicine, as an asset, as it helps us bring a different perspective in addition to our eye for design, determination, and execution.

Blue and White Handmade tile Bathroom

Coastal Bath Design

Tile shown: Calcite 4x8, Calcite Small Diamond Escher, Nautical Custom Large Diamond Escher// Design: Banner Day Interiors // Photos: Colin Price Photography

What is your favorite Fireclay tile?
The Chaine Homme tile is one of my favorite patterns! We have used it in several of our projects, both commercial and residential. The breadth of color Fireclay offers makes it easy to incorporate Fireclay Tile in any of our projects.

Handmade Pink Tiles

Tile shown: Desert Bloom Chaine Homme // Design: Banner Day Interiors for Hoopes Winery // Photo: Vivian Johnson Photo

Approach your project from Clara's perspective with the Banner Day Sample Pack featuring 2x4 Ceramic color samples in Hunter Green, Kelp, Seedling, Sea Glass, Desert Bloom, Mesa, Tumbleweed, and Dawn.

Banner Day Fireclay Favorite Colors

Click here to sample!

Why do you like working with tile?
Tile is such a great way to inject some fun and pattern into any space but especially a bathroom or kitchen. The foundational elements of a bathroom or kitchen largely remain the same, tile is key in making each space distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.

Mint Green Bathroom Tile

Tile shown: Seedling 4x8 // Design: Banner Day Interiors // Photo: Colin Price

What are some fun facts about yourself that others might not know about you?
I swear like a sailor. I love experimenting with new recipes. I'm far from athletically inclined, but somehow I'm really good at kneeboarding.

What's your aesthetic or design style?
We don't have a solid identifiable style. We strongly believe that our job is to help distill and edit our client's vision. If you look at our portfolio, all our projects are different and reflect our clients' different styles. Yet there are commonalities in all of our projects. All the spaces we do have a pops of color, doses of whimsy, elevated design that is still comfortable and approachable.

Handmade Blue Bathroom Floor Tile

Tile shown: Slate Blue Hexite // Design: Banner Day Interiors // Photo: Vivian Johnson Photo

What's your process when you start a new project?
We gather inspiration images from our clients and ask them to respond to a design questionnaire. Sometimes clients have a piece of artwork that will play a fundamental role in terms of design or an inherited piece of furniture. We always try to incorporate client pieces that are important to them.

Hoopes Winery Bathroom Tile

Tile shown: Slate Blue 2x8 and 4x4 Cove Base// Design: Banner Day Interiors for Hoopes Winery // Photo: Vivian Johnson Photography

What's the biggest lesson you've learned when it comes to design?
The initial design phase is the fun part. However, it's the middle and end where all the work happens. Attention to detail, being responsive to the client and team, and the execution is how good design is implemented.

Green Bathroom Design

Handmade Green Bathroom Tile

Green Bathroom Tile by Fireclay

Tile shown: Hunter Green 2x8 // Design: Banner Day Interiors // Photos: Emily Gilbert

What are 5 of your best design tips?
1. Don't forget about texture! People often focus on color, but the texture of materials is another great way to add depth to any space.

2. Unless life demands it, don't try to design a space in a very short time. It's worthwhile to slowly collect and design as you live in a space.

3. Stop using a shiny paint sheen for bathroom walls, there are new paint products specifically made for bathrooms that are matte in finish.

4. Invest in larger pieces such as a sofa or dining table, feel free to implement a high/low philosophy to smaller items such as a table lamp or side table.

5. Design a space for your current lifestyle and not the one you imagine you want. Functionality can get lost in the process for some. Remember that a space has to not only be beautiful, but also usable.

Blue herringbone bathroom walls

Tile shown: // Design: Banner Day Interiors for Hoopes Winery // Photo: Vivian Johnson Photography

What Fireclay products are you dying to use on your next project?
Handpainted tile! They are stunning and I haven't had the luck to use them in any of my projects. If you have a project where you think hand painted tile would be a good fit, feel free to give me a ring!


Tile shown: Tortoise Shell

Want to see more Banner Day? Check out our 2021 catch-up with the fearless designer. Inspired by Clara? Order color samples online. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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