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Behind the Banner

Berkeley-based designer Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors is known for striking designs, seizing bold color moments, and imagination. Her designs speak for themselves, but as a member of the Asian American community, Clara’s finding her voice to start a sincere conversation about being a minority in America, how to be a good ally, and inclusion. Get to know the bold designer behind some of the most breathtaking interiors of the Bay Area.

Meet Clara Jung

Banner Day's Tile Interiors

Handpainted Ginkgo Kitchen Backsplash

Banner Day Interiors loves to work with historic houses, but homes that aren’t rooted in any particular architectural style? That’s where the fun begins-- like in this stunning kitchen. Robins egg blue cabinets are complemented by the fan-shaped leaves on Handpainted Ginkgo Tile in Neutral Motif, offering an organic feel that gracefully ties this eclectic space together.

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Banner Day Interiors: Brooklyn Bathroom

Striking just the right balance of organic and urbane, this Brooklyn bathroom's Hunter Green Tile is a lesson in bold simplicity.

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Hoopes Winery Blue Bathroom Tiles

Herringbone blue bathroom tiles offer up a playful balance of classic and contemporary design in at this chic Napa Valley winery.

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Banner Day Diamond Escher Bath

By sticking to a clean palette of blue and white tile, design firm Banner Day Interiors plays with scale and pattern to create a satisfyingly seamless space.

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Banner Day Interiors: San Francisco Bath

Seedling's minty blue-green glaze adds just the right amount of pop to this classic-inspired bathroom designed by Banner Day Interiors.

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Hoopes Winery Pink Bathroom Tiles

Featuring our interlocking Chaine Homme pattern, these pink bathroom tiles offer a surprise splash of playful glamour at this Napa Valley winery.

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Uni Mountain Backsplash

Minimalist meets remarkable detail with this Banner Day Interiors-designed backsplash. Playing off of the natural elements of stone and wood throughout the kitchen, handpainted Uni Mountain Tile in White Motif binds the design together for a work-of-art backsplash.

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Daring Desert Bloom Hexagon Backsplash

Contemporary office kitchens can be sleek and fun! Simply turn to this fearless design by Berkeley-based Banner Day Interiors for Magenta, Inc. High contrast wallpaper calls for a burst of color, with 6” Hexagon Tiles in Desert Bloom delivering the bold honeycomb backsplash that isn't afraid to live outside the lines.

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Bathroom Hex Tiles in Slate Blue

These Slate Blue floor hex tiles are the only statement this bathroom needs, balanced with a warm white palette and wood paneling.

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More from Clara

A Style of Her Own

Dive deep into the details of woman-owned Banner Day's designs as Clara shares advice and lessons learned from some of her most iconic interiors.

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Banner Day Sample Pack

Like the look of Banner Day's interiors? Sample Clara's favorite colors with the Banner Day Sample Pack featuring 2x4 Ceramic color samples in Hunter Green, Kelp, Seedling, Sea Glass, Desert Bloom, Mesa, Tumbleweed, and Dawn.

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