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Black Floor Tile is Back

By Pearl

Black Floor Tile is Back

Image: Savvy Home Blog

It’s time to rethink black floor tile. We get it, opting for black floors can feel like a big a commitment, but take our word for it--once you do, you’ll never want to go back. Whether you’re a modernista or a traditionalist, this dramatic hue can shape shift across all styles. So let’s follow in Naomi Watts’ and Liev Schrieber’s stead (their gorgeous bathroom pictured above), and see the different ways black floor tile can change your point of view

Seamless Straight Set

Image: Apartment Therapy

EDGE Tile Shown: 3x9 in Basalt

Sleek, black, and subtly luminous black floors make give this otherwise bright and peppy home a grown-up look. If you see a painted back wood floor, you can easily replicate it with our seamless EDGE Series tile. It’s easy to clean and holds up to heavy foot traffic in your home.

Image: Techne

We’ve been seeing a lot of large format tile in black and there’s a good reason why--its sleek modular look pairs well with modern interiors. It also offers a solid anchor to white tile patterns, like this tub’s white subway tile.

Image: Home Designing

Smaller black floor tile in the bathroom can offer extra traction, especially in wet-prone areas. Use black grout to show just the slightest hint of texture (without giving too much away).

Hello Herringbone

Image: Domino


Glazed Thin Brick Shown: Inkwell

For those of you who think black is too strong of a design choice, herringbone can soften the edge of this dramatic hue by incorporating a classic element. We love herringbone in pretty much any shape or form, and this is no exception. Herringbone and floor tile also go hand in hand.

Image: Coco Lapine Design

If you want to make a strong floor statement, opt for long and slender floor tiles to exaggerate the herringbone pattern.

Image: Interiors by Studio M

This bathroom’s tight and seamless grout lines make the black herringbone floor tile plays a beautiful balancing act with the shower’s articulated white subway tile.

Pattern Picks

Image: Homepolish

Tile Shown: Ogee Drop in Basalt

Black lends itself well to pattern because of its sophisticated subtlety. Emily Henderson’s playful style translates beautifully in this bathroom’s scalloped black tile floor.

Fireclay Tile Blog: Tips and Tricks for Creating Dark and Daring Floors

If you want to keep your pattern extra under the radar, you’ll want to keep your tiles as close together as possible to keep grout lines tight and seamless.

Image: Amber Interior Design

Tile Shown: 6" Hexagon in Basalt

Not all black tile is made equal, and this honeycomb floor tile proves it. Soft variations in shade can be found in each tile, adding to this bathroom’s chic artisanal look. We’ll opt for variation any day.

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