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Black Floor Tile is Back

By Ted Ryan

Black Floor Tile is Back

Are you on the fence about black floor tile? We get it–opting for black floors can feel like a big commitment, but take our word for it: a black floor is a showstopping statement that won’t go out of style. Whether you’re a modernist or a traditionalist, this dramatic hue can shapeshift across all styles.

Let’s see the different ways black Fireclay floor tile can change your point of view.

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Black Straight Set and Offset Tile Floors

Whether using subway tiles, square tiles, or brick, the clean lines of straight-set and offset patterns are a simple way to introduce black floors into your home. The linear lines of straight-set and offset work great with wood floor transitions as well as on their own.

Sleek, black, and subtly luminous black floors make give this otherwise bright and peppy home a grown-up look. Black tile pairs well with modern interiors and offers a solid anchor to white walls or cabinetry.

galley kitchen with black floor tile

Tile Shown: Magnetite 8x8 // Design: Taylor and Taylor // Image: Tiffany G Studio

Black brick floor tile in the bathroom can offer extra character. Use black or grey grout to show just the slightest hint of texture without giving too much away.

laundry room with black brick floor

Tile Shown: Black Hills Standard Brick Tile // Design & Image: Valeria Jacobs

Black Herringbone Tile Floors

When working with such a dark shade, pattern can help add dimension to your design. Black herringbone floor tile enhances this dramatic hue by incorporating a classic element.

This luxe bathroom uses herringbone effectively to draw your eye down the elongated footprint by using similarly long and narrow 3x12 tiles.

long white bathroom with black herringbone floor tile

Tile Shown: Basalt 3x12 // Design: Megan Low // Image: Melati Citrawireja

A lighter grey grout enhances the pattern of this dark grey herringbone tile bathroom, which also features bright wallpaper to contrast the dark floor.

bright bathroom with blue wallpaper and black herringbone tile floor

Tile Shown: Rainy Day 2x8 // Design: Banner Day Interiors // Image: Collin Price Photography

This black bathroom incorporates a black herringbone tile shower floor in narrow 1x6 tile to increase the traction underfoot thanks to tightly spaced grout lines.

black herringbone tile shower floor

Tile Shown: Basalt Sheeted 1x6 // Design & Image: Shavonda Gardner

Glazed Thin Brick adds rustic texture to this classic pattern on this black herringbone bathroom floor.

bathroom with black brick herringbone floor

Tile Shown: Black Hills Standard Brick Tile // Design & Image: Zigzag Studio Design

Black Parquet Floors

Like herringbone black tile, a basketweave parquet pattern with matte black tile makes for an intriguing floor design with opposing angles of long rectangular tile, and is a great small bathroom idea to consider.

small bathroom with black parquet pattern tile floor

Tile Shown: Carbon 3x12 // Design & Image: Alyson Morgan

Black Specialty Shape Floors

Black lends itself well to pattern because of its sophisticated subtlety, but if you’re looking to up the ante a unique specialty shape makes a bolder impression.

Hexagons are another classic shape that offers a conservative yet appealing pattern. Hexagons are a popular shape for black tile bathroom floors, customized to your liking depending on the size of hexagons, grout color, and other details.

Learn How to Choose The Right Hexagon Tile Floor for Your Bathroom

This black tile floor bathroom features 8” hexagons spread across the floor with matching 3” hexagons in the walk-in shower, accentuated by bright white grout. The smaller hexagons add design detail distinguishing the shower from the rest of the bathroom and are the maximum recommended size for shower floors.

bathroom with black hexagon tile floors and white herringbone tile walls

Tile Shown: Basalt 8" Hexagon and 3" Sheeted Hexagon // Design: Hygge & West

This bathroom’s black tile floor features hexagons with a contrasting grout as well, but a tighter grout joint makes for a more subtle pattern on the floor and wall.

bathroom with black hexagon tile floor and shower

Tile Shown: Carbon 4" Hexagon // Design: The Brownstone Boys // Image: The Brownstone Boys, Bridget Badore

An entryway is the first impression of your home and black ceramic tile flooring is a memorable introduction. Plus, this high-traffic area will appreciate a dark color tile that hides occasional dirty footsteps.

Picket tiles are elongated hexagons that can be arranged in a number of patterns. This floor keeps it simple for a clean look that pairs well with the brighter wall art.

entryway with black floor tile and decorative wall art

Tile Shown: Basalt Picket // Design: Elisa Valldeperas // Image: Raquel Wyckoff

For a more decorative design, Star and Cross tile might be just what you’re looking for.

entryway with matte black star and cross tile floor

Tile Shown: Basalt Mini Star and Cross // Design: DMB Design Studio // Image: Katia Popik

Wave tile works magic on this wood stove hearth. The deep charcoal matches the stove with perfection and will also hide ash and extinguished embers that might escape between cleanings.

wood stove with black wave tile hearth and surround

Tile Shown: Magnetite & Flagstone Wave // Design: David Benners Architecture // Image: Nathan Schroder Photography

The fish scale design of Ogee Drop in a glossy black finish is a pattern you won’t soon forget. Paired with contrasting black grout, this design adds depth and detail to this kitchen with natural light helping highlight the unique shape of the tile.

glossy black fish scale tile kitchen floor

Tile Shown: Raven Ogee Drop // Design: Becki Owens

Taking pattern to the maximalist limit, this floor features an optical illusion of Escher Diamond pattern to truly elevate the look of the black tile.

Tile Shown: Carbon, Sandstone & Rosemary Small Diamond Sheeted // Design: Jessica Davis // Image: Emily Followill Photography

Black and White Tile Floors

Black’s high contrast shade pairs perfectly with bright white tile. Designing with these opposing colors adds an extra element of creativity and breaks up the boldness of an all-black floor.

Mosaic white and black bathroom floor tile decorates this bathroom with a classic and refined look, leading to a short course of mosaic wall tile as well. Mosaic tile is sheeted in your specific design for easier installation.

black bathroom with checkerboard mosaic tile floor

Tile Shown: Akoya & Halite 1x1 Sheeted & Akoya 6x6 // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Image: Joseph Bradshaw

The classic black and white checkerboard is a perfect example, but interior designers have pushed beyond the mainstay with new interpretations on the black and white floor.

This Art Deco bathroom features a checkerboard floor with a twist–or rather a squiggle. Handpainted Squiggle Tile from the Block Shop x Fireclay Tile Handpainted Collection features wavy lines separating the contrasting colors for an updated detail on a classic look.

art deco bathroom with checkerboard floor and pink glass wall

Tile Shown: Charcoal Motif Squiggle

Instead of checkers, this playful white and black bathroom tile floor uses polka dots to create visual intrigue. Each handpainted tile features a half dome of matte black glaze that can be arranged in a variety of patterns, including polka dot.

large polka dot bathroom floor

Tile Shown: Cool Motif Fallow // Design: Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors // Image: Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors Marni Mervis

Same tile, different pattern. Using a custom motif that swaps where the black and white elements are painted, Fallow tiles are arranged in a series of offset half-circles to give this kitchen a flowing focal point.

white and black half circle pattern tile floor

Tile Shown: Custom Motif Fallow // Design & Image: Elena Lohse

Paying homage to the checkerboard pattern, this glam powder room floor switches things up with contrasting black and white triangle tiles for a repeating high contrast pattern that goes perfectly with the bold pink walls.

pink bathroom with black and white triangle tile floor

Tile Shown: Basalt & Calcite 6" Triangle // Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Image: Jeff Mindell

Triangles again work to create a high contrast pattern of white and black floors in a bathroom, this time in an on-point pattern you may find in quilting designs.

green powder room with black and white triangle tile floor

Tile Shown: Magnetite & Halite 6" Triangle // Design & Image: The Fresh Exchange

Handpainted tile with a hint of white create an elegant pattern on this bathroom floor. The refined detail is a pleasant contrast to the rough brick walls.

bathroom with green brick walls and black hand painted floor tile

Tile Shown: B+W Uni Mountain & San Gabriel Standard Brick Tile // Design: Annette Vartanian // Image: Bethany Nauert

This unforgettable greyscale kitchen floor features black, white, and grey in between for a one-of-a-kind work of art.

kitchen with concrete wall blonde wood cabinets and greyscale hand painted tile floor

Tile Shown: Custom Motif Fallow & Grange // Design: Taylor & Taylor, Anne Sage // Image: Monica Wang Photography

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