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Project Spotlight

A-Frame to Claim: Handpainted Aerial Floor Tile

By Kali

A-Frame to Claim: Handpainted Aerial Floor Tile

Design: Anne Sage // Images: Echo and Earl

An oasis in itself, this desert A-Frame's dreamy bonus room has us head-over-heels in love with its hand painted tiles in Aerial. We talked with best friends, Caroline Woodnote and Anne Sage, about their collaboration on this beautiful space on the blog today. 

We have this thing for floors...especially one as beautiful as this! Our handpainted Aerial tiles in White Motif.

First, can you each tell me a bit about yourselves? 
Caroline: I'm a bit of a try everything kind of person, I'd say... I'm a photographer, producer, podcaster... I love how trying new things teaches me new lessons. So, being a homeowner in the desert was a 'natural' next step. 

Desert A-frame vibes.

Anne: I've loved design since I was a kid and my mom let me pick out striped Laura Ashley wallpaper for my bedroom. Now, I manage a lifestyle blog that I started 11 years ago, as well as all the related social platforms, and also do interior design and styling! 

Our handpainted Aerial tiles in White Motif.

Aerial in White Motif

How did you two meet?
Where all BFFs meet, of course! In Vegas at sunrise in the lobby of a hotel as we left for a photoshoot in the desert. That was 2011, so life looks completely different for both of us now.. but we wouldn't change a thing. 

What areas of the A-frame did you want to update or change?
Well, when we bought it, part of my pitch to my husband + brother (the other co-owner) was, "It's basically done already!" ... turns out, putting in an in-ground swimming pool, finishing two rooms that hadn't been done before, and completely re-designing the rest of the home took an entire year, and a whole stack of blood/sweat/tears/money, but it is finally at the 'We can actually use + enjoy it now!' phase, which feels really nice.

Here's the pool! Read more about it here


Tile Shown: 6x6 in Tusk with 2x6 in Skipping Stone 

How was it working on this project together? 
: I mean, Anne + I work together on a daily basis anyway, so I loved this.

Anne: Caroline is the living embodiment of the saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." So when our big, brilliant ideas for this space started to implode, I knew I could count on Caroline to figure out a way to implement them. We push each other to greatness, and this room is a perfect example! 

A bold pattern like our handpainted Aerial becomes soft in our White Motif in this lux sitting room.

Let's talk about the studio What was this space like before? What was the inspiration? 
This is our favorite design project ever! We're calling it 'the bonus room' or 'studio', because it is actually outside of the house. It was formerly used as a storage room, so it is a complete transformation. We gutted it, ripped out the old carpeting, built in the two beds, and then created... the dreamiest room I've ever been in. 

Soft colors and textures are abound in this dreamy sitting room featuring our handpainted Aerial tiles.

The PVC walls that I did with my brother (Robert) were the most time-consuming part of the whole space, but every time I walk in the room, I think about how it was so worth it. Anne + I loved the Moroccan sitting rooms that have built-in sofa beds, and so that is what most of our 'inspiration' came from. 

Handpainted tiles in Aerial add just the right amount of pattern to this warm toned sitting room.

This swoon-worthy sitting room features our handpainted floor tiles in Aerial.

What made you choose Aerial in White Motif? Were there any other contenders?
We knew the walls were going to feel busy with the 4" PVC paneling, so we wanted to play with pattern, but not make it so busy that color just took over everything. Hand painted tiles in Aerial were the perfect solution to our design dilemma. There really wasn't another option, in our minds! 

Aerial in White Motif.

Design tip: You can turn these tiles in different directions to create an organized or randomized pattern: 

Offering just the right amount of pattern, our handpainted Aerial tiles compliment the rest of this sitting room's soft palette.

Aerial tiles in White Motif.

How did the installation process go?  Did you face any challenges?  Did you work with a tile installer or contractor? 
The install process was smooth! I ended up hiring an installer, and am grateful that I did, because we wanted it to be perfect. The floor had a slight slant to it, too, so having a pro face the challenge felt like the right decision. 

Floor tiles in our handpainted Aerial in White Motif

You've both worked with our tile a few times now, any tips for working with handmade tile that you've learned?
Seal the grout before you let anyone walk on it! It's easier to do it when it is oh-so clean, vs. trying to clean it and seal it later... :) 

Handpainted Aerial tiles in White Motif

Handpainted Aerial tiles in white motif.

Lastly--What Fireclay products are you dying to use in future projects? 

Caroline: The Glazed Thin Brick is calling my name!!! 

Fun fact: Anne Sage used our Glazed Thin Brick in her personal kitchen project: 

Anne Sage's kitchen features our Glazed Thin Brick in Olympic.

Brick Shown: Olympic // Design: Studio McGee // Image: Monica Wang Photography

Anne: I'm obsessed with the matte glass tile that Fireclay recently released, the colors are sublime!

Our matte glass tile creates a soothing feel in this modern bathroom.

Glass Tile Shown: 3x12 in Sparrow Matte // Image: Chase Daniel

Inspired by this space? Order color samples online now or explore our Agrarian Collection. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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