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2023 Fireclay Forecast Design & Color Trends

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9 Trends to Keep an Eye On

From the prettiest use of your tiniest rooms to earth-friendly design elements, we’re counting down the 9 interior design trends you're going to see everywhere in 2023.

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The Top 5 Design Trends

#5- A Painterly Palette

Tap into your artistic side for this trend that sees any white wall as an unfinished canvas. Think elegant, rich colors layered with texture, as gratifying as a perfectly blended watercolor, boldly displayed throughout your home.

#4- Sustainably Sourced

In a world full of planned obsolescence and cheap imported goods, sustainability is more important than ever–and something consumers are seeking out in droves, by shopping secondhand, supporting local businesses, and expecting transparency from the brands they support.

Transparency is something we take seriously here at Fireclay (read our 2021 Impact Report here). Our tile is designed to last, sustainably produced using recycled natural materials in our two American factories, and as a Certified B Corp, we make it our business to do good.

#3- Restrained Reds

Incorporate rusty opulence into your home like a beautifully aged wine with vintage reds and burnt oranges. The understated sophistication of vintage red tile adds instant depth to any space–it’s no wonder we’re getting so many requests for this color.

Deep red in the shower paired with a white floor creates a timeless palette with a modern twist thanks to the vertically stacked tile installation.

#2- The Enduring Checkerboard

This timeless tile pattern finds itself at home in an array of design styles, whether underfoot or at eye level. A lasting trend, we don’t see checkerboard going away anytime soon—this pattern is perpetually versatile and adapts to any style especially if you play with color or scale.

#1- Make it Mosaic

It's the little things...Endlessly customizable, mosaic tile is an ideal vehicle for self-expression–and we predict you’ll be seeing a lot more of these mini masterpieces in 2023. Our tiniest handmade tile creates dimension and texture in your space that will endure for years to come.

Colors of the Future

Set a New Tone for the New Year

From soft to saturated, we've gathered the most up-and-coming colors of 2023. Featuring ceramic color samples in Painted Sky, Vintage Leather, Bryce Canyon, Overcast, Palm Tree, Caribbean, Caspian Sea, and Peabody. Sample your 5 favorites for free!

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