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Handmade Tile

Our signature product line has its roots deep in California's long history of tile making. Since 1986 we've been hand mixing clay bodies, glazes and ceramic inks for use in our daily production cycles. Over the years technology has supported our growth, allowing us to work directly with our customers and expand our offering in new ways. But we still make all of our ceramic tile by hand, start to finish, every day, nestled right in the middle of California's agricultural heartland.

What Sets Us Apart

Stronger Than the Competition

Our recycled clay body boasts of an impressive breaking strength of 393 lbs per foot, making it stronger than your average porcelain. 30+ years of tweaks and innovation lead to the development of this super duty clay, designed with a passion for finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment, while reusing and minimizing our own manufacturing waste.

Recycled Body Colors

Made to Your Specifications

Hand making tile takes time, but it also means that you get exactly what you want and only what you need. We make our tile to order so be sure to plan to ahead. We know what a challenge finding the perfect solution can be, so we're here to help every step of the way. 

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Made by Hand & Built to Scale

Collaborative solutions with a manufacturing first attitude is how we deliver exactly what your project specifies. Rarely is handmade associated with volume, but we've got a knack for finding ways to scale craftsmanship . It's a little bit of technology, a little bit of organization, and a lot of old fashioned hard work. 

Commercial Work

Desert Collection

We’re dreaming of a desert escape. Echoing its gorgeously layered palette and ever-shifting terrain, The Desert Collection invites you to be in your element. Available in 40+ shapes and sizes.

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Endless Possibilities

We see your blank canvas and we're coming with options! Every project is so different and every design so personal. Our goal is to help turn your blank canvas into the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of. We've got a specialized team of in house design experts who can help with everything from overall design to double checking your math. 

Residential Design Experts