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The Effortless Chic

When it comes to Jen Pinkston’s style, the name says it all. See the tile picks that make her “Austin Casa” feel like home.  

Lived-In Style

The lifestyle guru behind The Effortless Chic blog, Jen Pinkston shares the tiles that make her “Austin Casa” home, plus picks that let you make it your own. Explore her exclusive palette and the secret to her signature lived-in modern style.

Inspired by her time living in Los Angeles, Jen was drawn to cool, succulent-inspired blues and greens paired with warm and inviting neutrals. Her color and pattern combos look right at home in her mid-century modern dwelling, a style that the West Coast does oh-so-well.

Images: Katie Jameson



Bring Effortless Chic Home

Want to make Jen’s Story your own? Try out her inspired West Coast style with The Effortless Chic Sample Pack, which includes 2x4 color samples of Ivory, Mustard Seed, Flagstone, Sugar, Slate Blue, Magnetite, Pewter, and Halite.

Get the Look

“The Fireclay Thin Brick backsplash here is probably my favorite use of tile in the whole house! I’m obsessed with the stacked brick layout, the texture and variation of the product, and basically everything about it. The 6” triangles on the island are a mix of Calcite and Daisy, so there’s a really slight variation in the color which is what we were going for.”

“Rather than transitioning the tile where the wall meets the floor, the wall color comes into the floor about four feet, enough to envelope the very spa-like freestanding bath. The green shade is Flagstone and the white is Sugar.” See more of Jen's master bath here

“I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to feel like: a restful, spa-like retreat; mid-century modern in a timeless way. We went with 2x8 tile throughout the bathroom and stacked for a more modern look.”

Make it Yours

Shop Jen’s curated color and pattern combinations, featuring pairings inspired by her love for California and mid-century modern style.


Start with You 

“First and foremost, always design for yourself and what makes you happy. I'm sure there are countless decisions we made in our home that people would call impractical, too trendy or not on trend enough, but they bring me so much joy, so what else matters?!” 

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Tie the Palette Together

“Whether it's tile or paint, furniture or art, keep the color palette cohesive. Think about what you want your 2-3 pops of color to be with a supporting cast of neutrals.”

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Keep Layering

“Layers and layers! Keep layering the details—linens, rugs, plants, hardware, ceramics and more—until it feels like too much. Then, remove a layer. I don't think most people realize how many details it takes for a room to really feel complete and lived in.”

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Treat Yourself

“Go big in at least one space. Everyone has a budget, but rather than cutting corners everywhere, choose a space that's most important to you and go big there while finding ways to keep costs down in other rooms.” 

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A Sense of Place 

“Places make great inspiration. When my oldest daughter was two, we decided it was time to go back to Texas, but Southern California will be forever ingrained in my being. My inspiration for this color palette—and honestly our whole house—is that decade in LA.”        

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Anchor with Tile

“Tile lends this very warm and lived-in feeling to a room that would otherwise just be paint and drywall. It becomes the focal point around which everything else is designed.”  

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Find Your Hue 

“Find unique ways to tie in similar colors from room to room. For example, pops of muted, cool greens can be found throughout our house.” 

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Attention to Detail 

“My Story was inspired by the mid-century glass homes that are nestled into the canyons and hillsides and the cool greens and blues of the succulent-filled landscape.” 

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A Handmade Touch

“Here’s the thing that I will say with every room reveal: It’s important to find ways to add warmth and character. One of the easiest ways to do that is by selecting handmade finishes like Fireclay tile.” 

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Live in the Space 

“Whenever possible, live in the space before making every furniture decision. We want to thoughtfully choose pieces that we’re really in love with rather than choosing pieces to fill a void.”

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