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StoriesScandinavian Summer

Holiday in Scandinavian Style

Take a holiday in true Scandinavian style. Editing it down to the essentials, Senior Design Consultant Lindsey Bourcier has curated our newest story inspired by the region's signature simplicity with a splash of sun.

Four hand-picked hues give the region’s thoughtfully spare aesthetic a sun-kissed twist. Summery undertones, artful contrasts, and clean lines offer a fresh canvas for layering on rustic textures, organic touches, and geometric accents.

Lindsey sought to capture the hygge home in all its quintessential cosiness. What’s hygge, you ask? It’s a Danish concept that’s all about achieving well-being and happiness from the simple things in life. Want some for yourself? Keep scrolling to get a healthy dose of hygge.

A Nordic Holiday, Your Way

Bring a piece of the story home with our exclusive Scandinavian Summer Sample Pack, featuring Calcite, Milky Way, Cyclone, Gypsum, and three 3" triangles in White Wash.

* The Scandinavian Summer Sample Pack includes Three 3" Triangles in White Wash, and 2 x 4 color samples in Calcite, Miky Way, Gypsum, and Cyclone

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Make Scandinavian Summer yours. Curated by Fireclay Senior Design Consultant, Lindsey Bourcier explores a variety of color and pattern pairings to plan your inspired escape. 

Plan Your Scandinavian Escape


Get In Your Element

Scandinavian Summer's neutral palette is perfect for layering on natural elements and rustic finishes.

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A Perennial Palette

This Story may be inspired by summer, but its versatile hues transition effortlessly from season to season.

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The New Neutrals

Neutrals are anything but basic--contrasting textures and pops of green are all you need for a dynamic composition.

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Breaking Patterns

Scandinavians love infusing whimsy into their space. Try a pop of pattern for an unexpected twist.

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All the Right Angles

A dynamic pattern like herringbone in white is all the verve you need to complement thoughtfully spare decor.

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Gain New Ground

Give your feet a flattering foundation with Star & Cross floor tile in Cyclone. Top it with a shag rug for a plush touch.

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Center of Attention

All it takes is Triangle Tile to bring this airy studio kitchen together. Get the look with your favorite pattern in a bright white palette.

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Fun Intended

There are endless ways to do Scandinavian style, but one thing's for sure--if it's making you smile, you're doing it right.

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The Dark Side

While Scandinavian style is dominated by light tones, contrasting shades like Cyclone can add depth and drama.

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Fine Lines

For an ultra-streamlined Scandinavian look, take a cue from designer Sarah Sherman Samuel and edit your design down to layers of clean lines and thoughtful color blocking.

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A Fresh Canvas

Use durable, lasting, and beautiful surfaces like tile and marble as a fresh foundation for your decor.

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Simply Scandinavian

Functional and forever beautiful, Scandinavian style is all about editing it down to the essentials that make a space feel just right.

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