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Donate Today! Architecture Scholarship for Black Women
Donate Today! Architecture Scholarship for Black Women

Meet the Makers

A New Generation of Tile Makers

Rooted in California's rich and vibrant history of tile making, we've been finding creative and sustainable design solutions that last a lifetime.

Like the Makers before us, we feel profoundly connected to our history, our people, and our planet. By handcrafting every tile to order, we hope to extend that connection to you so the tradition of sustainable tile making lives on.

Handmade For You

We're the makers who support the dreamers. We work directly with you so that we can make your design a reality.

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The Maker's Guarantee

Our direct model allows us to take ownership of every step of the tile manufacturing process. You can rest easy knowing we’ll never compromise on quality and craftsmanship.

All Fireclay projects are made to meet the most rigorous standards of craftsmanship, beauty, and durability. Order with confidence knowing that we always have your back.