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Say Hello to Handsome Salt

With an arresting style that redefines what you expect out of any room in the house, Sara Simon of Handsome Salt is not a designer you’re soon to forget. Inspired by a mindset rooted in fun, self-expression, and breaking the rules that would otherwise hold her back, we’ve been in awe of the designs that start off in Southern California and proceed to set the internet on fire. Follow along as we pick the brain of the designer that seems to just be having more fun than everyone else.

Meet Handsome Salt

Project Spotlight: Noble + Proper

When Sara Simon of Handsome Salt first glimpsed this derelict property in Big Bear Lake she immediately saw the potential. A year later Noble + Proper opened, Sara’s boutique lodge whose 8 cabins are filled with unapologetically bold colors and Fireclay Tile.

We chatted with Sara about the process and inspiration behind what she deemed her “most fun project to date” which, coming from someone known for her fun designs, is saying a lot. Keep reading for the full interview!

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Instant Inspiration

Noble + Proper: Ivory and Vintage Leather Kitchen Kitchen Floor & Backsplash

As layered and cozy as your grandma’s favorite throw, Noble + Proper lodge’s kitchen is grandmillennial done right. A bold floor pattern of 8x8 Ceramic Tile in Vintage Leather and 4x4 Ceramic Tile in Ivory is perfectly complemented by the neutral backsplash of 4x4 Ivory Tile nestled between floral wallpaper.

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Noble + Proper Checkerboard Powder Room

This chic powder room at Big Bear's Noble + Proper needed nothing more than the classic black and white checkerboard floor to ground the endearing design. Expertly created by Handsome Salt, 6x6 Tiles in glossy black Raven and creamy matte white Feldspar add bold contrast to complement the black wainscot and damask wallpaper.

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Noble + Proper New Traditional Bathroom

Big Bear destination Noble + Proper comes out swinging with this knockout New Traditional bathroom. Designed by Handsome Salt, this cabin bathroom features a classic floor pattern of 2x2 mosaic tiles in Dusty Blue fit into hand-mitered 6x6 tiles in luminous White Wash surrounded by a matching shower of White Wash 2x6s and Dusty Blue 1x6s and Dusty Blue Cove Base Trim.

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Noble + Proper: Sunflower Shower

Stepping inside this shower in boutique hotel Noble + Proper is like wrapping yourself in a swathe of sunshine thanks to the 4x4 Ceramic Tile in Sunflower and matching 6” Quarter Round Trim.

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Noble + Proper: Eclectic Limon and Desert Bloom Bathroom

Boutique hotel Noble + Proper embraces eclecticism like this pink bathroom is embraced by green stripes. 2x8 Ceramic Tile in Desert Bloom clads the shower and floor, punctuated by punchy stripes and a shower curb of 2x8 Limon with matching 6” Quarter Round Trim.

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Noble + Proper: Powder Room Checkerboard Floor

Traditional with a twist, every inch of this powder room in boutique hotel Noble + Proper exudes luxury from the monochromatic walls to the oversized checkerboard floor featuring 6x6 Ceramic Tile in Ivory and Red Rock.

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Noble + Proper: Red Rock & Ivory Bathroom

It's all about the details in this bathroom by Sara Simon of Handsome Salt for Big Bear getaway Noble + Proper. 6x6 Ceramic Tile in warm white Ivory fills the floor and shower walls while 2x6s in Red Rock and matching Quarter Round Trim decorate the shower curb, walls, niche, and baseboard.

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Noble + Proper: Classic Checkerboard Kitchen

Classic and becoming this kitchen at Big Bear's Noble + Proper hits all the notes of a mountain getaway. Sara Simon of Handsome Salt designed the floor in a classic checkerboard pattern of 8x8 Ceramic Tile in rich Hunter Green and off-white Feldspar, expertly accompanied by the green kitchen accents throughout.

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Noble + Proper: Vintage Leather and Ivory Entryway

The first look of a vacation rental sets the tone for your stay. Noble + Proper nails it with an entryway designed by Handsome Salt featuring an offset checker floor of 8x8 Ceramic Tile in maroon Vintage Leather and 4x4s in warm white Ivory.

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Noble + Proper: Morning Thaw & Sorbet Kitchen Floor

The vacation rental is new but the vibe is pure vintage. Designed for Big Bear's Noble + Proper by Handsome Salt, this baby blue kitchen features a floor of 4x4 Ceramic Tile in Morning Thaw and 8x8 Tile in Sorbet to create a unique offset checker pattern that pops.

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Tonal Glass Tile Bathroom

With a style that’s distinctively Sara, this bathroom created by Sara Simon, the designer behind Handsome Salt, is at once retro, futuristic, and right on time. 3x12 Glass Tile in Rosy Finch Matte and Pheasant Gloss gives a tonal glow to the bathroom walls with clean 3x9 Tile in Limestone lining the floor.

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4x4 Koi Pool

Let your wanderlust lead you no further than the backyard with this getaway-worthy pool Tiled in 4x4 Koi. Inspired by traditional Moroccan riads, this narrow, elevated pool pops with bright orange Tile against sparkling turquoise water to make you feel instantly swept to somewhere far away.

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Sorbet Bathroom

Designer Sara Simon is known for her bathrooms and she’s not mad about it. Why would she be with results like this? 2x8 Tile in sunny Sorbet makes a bold impression opposite terrazzo and modern fixtures for a California bathroom that’s anything but blah.

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White Wash Kitchen Island Details

What can a neutral bring to a space? Sara Simon of Handsome Salt set out to answer that question with this dramatic kitchen awash in neutral design elements. Triangle Tiles in White Wash create a grid pattern against the dark grout, anchoring the marble island centerpiece in this spacious kitchen.

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Geometric Triangle Tile Bath

Handsome Salt does it again with this geometric bath made up of handmade 6" Triangle Tiles in White Wash and Sea Glass. A master of memorable bathrooms, Sara Simon uses an irregular quilt-like pattern to keep the eye guessing and coming back for more.

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Sample Handsome Salt

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