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HandpaintedMetropolitan Collection

High foot traffic? We’ve got you covered. Our new Metropolitan Collection’s non-slip glazes are made for life on the move. 

Stories of the City

The Metropolitan Collection first drew from the simplicity and movement of breeze block patterns. Developed using the Non-Slip glazes that launched as a precursor to the collection, the patterns evolved into distinct urban designs. From New York’s ever-present scaffolding to Los Angeles’ Art Deco facades, every pattern pays homage to a sprawling American city. 

Handpainted Non-Slip Tile

Floor tile finally has a handpainted, high-performance solution. Using our proprietary Non-Slip glazes, the Metropolitan Collection's eight versatile patterns meet the needs of residential and commercial flooring applications.


While the Metropolitan Collection is made to withstand heavy foot traffic, its wide-ranging applications take it from the floor and beyond. Where will it take you?

3 Signature Colorways

The Metropolitan Collection’s three signature colorways meet the requirements for flooring applications and wet environments. Handpainted to order, all colorways are made using our Non-Slip glazes and feature a true matte finish.

Black Motif

Grey Motif

Yellow Motif


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