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HandpaintedMediterranean Collection

Make every day a Mediterranean escape with elaborate, lively, and unforgettable patterns infused with Spanish Modern flair.

Cool Motif

Warm Motif

Neutral Motif

B+W Motif


Seeing Elephant Stars: A Bathroom Remodel Story

A classic bathroom gets a splash of boho underfoot with dazzling handpainted Elephant Star floor tiles in the Cool Motif. 

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Meet the Commercial Team: Victoria Engels

Working on a commercial project in Chicago or the Midwest? Meet Victoria Engels! 

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Cozy Kitchen, Big Impact

Thanks to the help of architect Jeanne Schultz and Burnish & Plumb, this cozy kitchen makes a big impact with a Handpainted Grove Tile backsplash.

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Lakeside Retreat: Old Cairo Bathroom Floor

Forget rugs—designer Erin Williamson makes a statement underfoot with Handpainted floor tile in our Old Cairo pattern. 

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Project Spotlight: Malta Makes a Splash

Looking for a way to make a statement while staying on budget, blogger Paige Rangel used our Handpainted Malta tiles to give her new kitchen a timeless focal point. 

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Project Spotlight: Coffee Dose

Coffee Dose's Insta-worthy interior features pops of pink, splashes of gold, and a bar decked out in our Mushroom 6" Triangles to bring it all together

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Tile School: 5 Reasons to Choose Our Handmade Tile

There are many reasons to choose our handmade tile; here are the top 5. 

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New Heights: Counter-to-Ceiling Tile

See how a counter-to-ceiling tile installation can help your space reach new heights. 

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Lakeside Retreat: Kasbah Trellis bathroom floor

Designer Erin Williamson expertly contrast's this bathroom's moody painted ceiling with eye-catching Kasbah Trellis floor tile in Neutral Motif.

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Malta Makes a Splash

Looking for a way to make a small statement while staying on budget, Paige Rangel of The Love Designed Life used our Handpainted Malta Tile in Neutral Motif to give her new kitchen a timeless focal point. 

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