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Fireclay Gives

At Fireclay Tile, we make it our business to do good, measuring our success not just in square feet but by the impact we are making on the world around us. Over time, this commitment has grown to be one of the most gratifying parts of our business. If you're working to build a better world and would like to collaborate with us, let us know about your project by filling out the Tile Donation Request Form below.

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Please elaborate on what and where you'd like to use a tile donation for. (ex: a bathroom in our school, a foyer in the community center)

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Donations Year-to-Date

43,000+ Square feet of Fireclay products donated since 2019
$120,000+ Raised to support aspiring Black women architects via our Diversity Advancement Scholarship with the Architects Foundation.
$95,000+ Money donated to National Parks Conservation Association since 2019
$120,000+ Donated to Allies in Arts, a queer and trans-led nonprofit dedicated to supporting women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA2S artists in all mediums.

Fireclay Does Good

We’ve had the privilege of donating to a number of non-profit projects across the country—here are a few of our favorites.

Architecture Scholarship for Black Women

In order to support the progress of aspiring Black women architects and narrow the racial disparities in the design industry, we've partnered with the Architects Foundation since 2021 to sponsor Diversity Advancement Scholarships. These scholarships support more than the recipients—they benefit the architecture field as a whole, helping to raise up diverse and vibrant voices the profession is currently lacking.

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Detroit Prep

Established in 2016, Detroit Prep provides a world-class, equitable education for every child. With help from our Non-Slip Glazes and Foundations Collection, Detroit Prep’s students can now enjoy beautiful, durable tile in their entryways and bathrooms.

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Alphabet Scoop

Alphabet Scoop is no ordinary ice cream parlor. This vibrant creamery doubles as a job training program that invests in NYC youth through mentorship and training. Profits go to outreach and rehabilitation programs in the city.

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XS Tennis

Providing free tennis to 2,000 Chicago Public School students through its portable, in-school Tennis XSpress program, XS Tennis will extend $300,000 in scholarship-based instruction to Chicago residents and CPS students.

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Partners with Purpose

Meet Allies in Arts, a queer and trans-led national 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting women, BIPOC, and LGBTQQIA2S artists through exhibitions, screenings, grants, and paid partnerships with donors—like us!⁠ 5% of all proceeds from our handpainted collection with Block Shop Textiles are donated to Allies in Arts to support the next generation of courageous creatives.

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Giving Back to the Planet

We only have one earth, so we treat it that way. That’s why we donate 1% of all Brick sales to the National Parks Conservation Association to help protect our nation’s natural treasures.

Giving Back to the People

Through our Give, You Get program, customers paying with eCheck receive 0.5% back on their order. Another 0.5% goes toward our Khai Lam Family Fund so team members and their families can enjoy extracurricular activities like school trips, sports, and creative pursuits. To date, we’ve raised over $229,000 to support our teammate fund!

Terapan (Design Consultant) and Lindsey (Brand Manager) enjoy a weaving class together paid for by our Khai Lam Fireclay Tile Family Fund.

Giving Back to Our Communities

All Fireclay employees receive a paid volunteer day every year. In 2019, we volunteered over 300 hours as an organization. We also provide cash donations to local organizations and host tile making activities for school groups and fundraising events.

Bekah (Sales + Client Support) and Annie (Sales + Client Support Manager) read their favorite books to students at Aromas School on Read Across America Day.

Sabrina (Design Consultant) pulls weeds in Oakland’s Lake Merritt Gardens.