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School's in Session Detroit Prep

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Welcome to Detroit Prep

Established in 2016, Detroit Prep was founded to provide a world-class, equitable education for every child regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or zip-code.

Quickly becoming one of the highest performing schools in Detroit, it outgrew its rented space and purchased a 110-year-old-building only a mile away. After extensive renovations, it now has the capacity to serve kindergarten through 8th grade.

Fun Fact: Detroit Prep was originally designed by renowned architect Wirt C. Rowland, who was responsible for some of the city's most iconic buildings.

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Fireclay Tile Meets Detroit Prep

We had the chance to donate tile to Detroit Prep's new home. With a little help from our DCOF-passing Non-Slip Tiles and Foundations Collection, Detroit Prep's students can now enjoy beautiful, durable tile in its entryways and bathrooms.

We couldn't be more honored to help create a safe, joyful, and inspiring environment for the next generation's leaders, activists, educators, and world-changers.

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Fireclay Gives Back

We believe safe, beautiful, and creative spaces can help change lives. If you're on a mission to design for good, we want to hear about it!

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Explore the School

Drinking Fountain Non-Slip Tiles

Detroit Prep students taking a water break are greeted by Muhammad Ali and an inviting yellow wall of our handmade Non-Sip Tiles (perfect for taking on the occasional splash and spill).

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ADA Bathroom feat. Non-Slip Tiles

Telegraphing warm and inviting retro vibes, this ADA-compliant bathroom strikes just the right balance between form and function thanks to our Non Slip Tiles.

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Large Diamond Bathroom Floor Tiles

Framed by a wall of 4x4 tiles, our Non-Slip bathroom floor tiles colorfully field heavy foot traffic between classes at Detroit Prep (Love this floor? Ask us about Large Diamond, one of our secret menu patterns).

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Bathroom Tiles in Taxi + City Lights

Detroit Prep's artfully retro style extends into the bathroom, where our Non-Slip bathroom tiles colorfully welcome students on break and between classes.

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ADA Staff Bathroom Floor and Shower

Offering Detroit Prep teachers a colorful spot to freshen up, this ADA-compliant bathroom features shower Tile and a Large Diamond floor pattern, all in our Non-Slip glazes (psst...our Large Diamond Tiles are a "secret menu" item!).

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Teacher Lounge Tile Backsplash

Featuring our commercial grade tile in City Lights, this colorful office tile backsplash invites Detroit Prep teachers to recharge and prepare for their next class.

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Basketweave Non-Slip Bathroom Floor Tiles

Taking cues from plaid, our Non-Slip bathroom floor tiles in a colorful basketweave pattern lend preppy appeal to Detroit Prep's bathroom.

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Sample Non-Slip

Our industry-approved Non-Slip glazes pass the DCOF test and withstand the rigor of commercial flooring applications and wet environments. Available in 16 colors and 40+ sizes.

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Meet the Team

Meet the minds behind Detroit Prep and read our interview with Kyle Smitley, Detroit Prep's founder, and Erica Harrison, Hudson & Sterling Design founder and Firm Principal.

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