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School's in Session Detroit Achievement Academy

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Meet the Coolest School in Detroit

Welcome to DAA

School’s in session, and it’s ready to change the world! Detroit Achievement Academy (DAA) is a free K-8 public charter school guided by core values of action, inclusivity and equity, excellence, and reflection—principles that resonate with us at Fireclay.

With an emphasis on creating beautifully designed, joyful spaces with students top of mind, you can see why this is the coolest school in Detroit.

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Go Behind the Scenes at DAA

We sat down with founder Kyle Smitley and designer Cali Green of A Green Haus to get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of remodeling and expanding their old school building into a beautifully designed space for students and staff to celebrate learning.

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Hear from Real Students

Fireclay Gives

Fireclay Tile Meets Detroit Prep

After outfitting Detroit Prep through tile donations, we’re thrilled to announce our newest collaboration with its sister school, Detroit Achievement Academy. Through our Fireclay Gives program, we’ve donated a total of over 7,000 SqFt of beautiful, durable tile to Detroit Prep and Detroit Achievement Academy.

We couldn't be more honored to help create a safe, joyful, and inspiring environment for the next generation's leaders, activists, educators, and world-changers.

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Fireclay Gives Back

At Fireclay, we measure our success not just in square feet but by the impact we are making on the world around us—that’s what we call Made for Good.

We believe safe, beautiful, and creative spaces can help change lives. If you're on a mission to design for good, we want to hear about it!

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You Can Give Back, Too!

Feeling inspired to support Detroit Achievement Academy? You can make a tangible difference in this special school by providing classroom and school supplies from their Amazon Wishlist. Big or small, any donation helps!

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Explore the School

Meet Us At the Water Cooler

Detroit Achievement Academy believes that all students deserve to be in spaces filled with thoughtful design–even when stopping for a sip at the drinking fountains. This feature wall is clad with a playful pattern of Norman Thin Glazed Brick in bold blue Appalachian, complete with framed art pieces to inspire young minds as they quench their thirst.

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Mothers Room

Every space in Detroit Achievement Academy is intended to feel calming and homey, and in the dedicated Mothers Room that intention rings true thanks to soothing wainscoting of Glazed Thin Brick in Arches and Sedona and a floor of 6x6 Ceramic Tile in whisper-pink Dawn.

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Staff Room

With homey seating areas and soothing colors, the staff room in Detroit Achievement Academy was designed to feel as special and joyful as the student-filled rooms. A charming backsplash of Large Diamond Ceramic Tile in cool blue Morning Thaw anchors the lounge’s kitchen.

Fun Fact: This project was completed by using leftover tile from their sister school, Detroit Prep-- We love a good reduce, reuse, recycle moment!

Step Inside

Staff Bathroom

With a color story inspired by Michigan sunsets, Detroit Achievement Academy clad their ADA-compliant staff bathroom with Thin Glazed Brick in dusky Badlands accented by a border of Sedona along the top and 6” Hexagon Tile in light pink, non-slip Dawn on the floor to tie in the natural beauty of the local landscape.

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Great Smoky Bathrooms

Making it a priority to have bright and colorful spaces throughout the entire building, Detroit Achievement Academy used a cool blue combination of Norman Thin Glazed Brick in Great Smoky along the walls and 6x12 Ceramic Tile in slip-resistant Morning Thaw across the floors to infuse joy into the 4th and 5th-grade bathrooms.

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Sunset-Inspired Bathroom

Colors inspired by Michigan sunsets adorn Detroit Achievement Academy’s admin bathroom, with 6x6 Ceramic Tile in light pink Dawn across the floor and wainscoting of Glazed Thin Brick in lilac Badlands trimmed by a border of Sedona.

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