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Designer Spotlight Carmeon Hamilton


Meet Carmeon

Do-it-all Designer Carmeon Hamilton seems to have a hand in everything. So when she gets the chance to step back from her busy career and create something for her and her family, this Memphis-based designer doesn’t hold back. We talked with Carmeon about her recent kitchen remodel, defining one's aesthetic, and finding success with a plan.

Carmeon's Style: "I love natural light and moody interiors."

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Fireclay Tile Meets Nubi Interiors

Hamilton: Chaine Homme Kitchen

Carmeon Hamilton transformed her Memphis kitchen by personalizing it with our specialty H-shaped tile. Inspired by the links in vintage watches, the tile also represents her family’s last name — making it the perfect fit for their home.

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Setting the Scene

Free from client constraints, Carmeon Hamilton takes the opportunity to experiment with her style, designing the spaces her family will make their memories in for years to come. We talk to Carmeon about how she plans it out and how a plant can make any room feel more alive.

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Carmeon's Colors

"These are the colors of my life--the color pallet of my home and wardrobe and my favorite colors see in the world."

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