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Triangles: Introducing 4 New Tile Shapes

By Kali

Triangles: Introducing 4 New Tile Shapes

Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Glacier Bay, 4" Triangles in Salton Sea, 3" Triangles in Pewter and Scalene Triangles in Aegean Sea.

We're thinking it is going to be the year of the triangle...with the geometric tile trend in full swing our triangles offer a fresh take. From the slim Scalene to our versatile right Triangles (available in three sizes 3", 4" and 6"), you're bound to be taken in by the compelling patterns they create. To celebrate, we're having a $500 giveaway on Instagram this week! To enter, follow us and re-post one of our triangle images from this week with #Trytriangles and share how you would like to use them! You have until Sunday, February 28th to enter and we will announce the winner on Monday, February 29th.

Below we're sharing our 4 new shapes, along with design inspiration. Want more? Head to our Pinterest Board.

Scalene Triangle:

A triangle where all sides are different lengths, this geometric shape is eye catching in a single color or in a blend.

Tile Shown: Scalene Triangle in Aegean Sea

For a backsplash like the one below try a blend of three tile colors, such as White Gloss, Aqua and Santorini Blue.

We like the idea of treating our Scalene Triangle like you would subway tile, like this:

Tile Shown: Scalene Triangles set in a vertical offset pattern in Azul.

6" Right Triangle:
The largest of our three right triangles, this size looks great for kitchen backsplashes, walls and flooring.

Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Frost and Glacier Bay

We love triangles so much that we refreshed our San Francisco showroom entryway with them:

Tile Shown: 6" Right Triangles in a blend of Frost, Iron Ore, Salton Sea and Sea Glass.

You can do a randomized pattern with your triangles and set them in various directions as we have illustrated above or you can create a more organized pattern like the kitchen installation below:

You can also create a pattern like the one below with our right triangles. For a soft look like this you might try pairing our Jade with French Linen.

Try our 6" Right Triangle in a single color too:

Tile Shown: 6" Right Triangles in Sea Glass

4" Right Triangle:
Slightly smaller than the 6" Right Triangle, the 4" will just get you a bit more pattern if you are working in a smaller space. This size would be perfect for a standard backsplash (18" to 24" high) or bathroom or fireplace application.

Tile shown: 4" Triangles in Navy Blue and Frost

We love the look of triangles in two contrasting colors set in a randomized pattern:

You can also set any of our right triangles on their points like this:

Tile Shown: 4" Triangles in Navy Blue, Frost, Salton Sea and Rosemary.

You can also create a striped pattern like this using right triangles:

3" Right Triangle:
Though they may be the smallest, our 3" Triangles pack just as much punch as the larger sizes. Perfect for backsplashes, fireplace surrounds or your bathroom (their small size would be ideal for flooring too), these offer a mosaic feel.

Tile Shown: 3" Triangles in Sunflower, Gypsum, Pyrite and Iron Ore.

Triangles look great in a single color too, whether in a structured or randomized pattern:

Tile Shown: 3" Right Triangles in White Wash

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