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Tile School

Tile School: Sheeting 101

By Kali

Tile School: Sheeting 101

Tile Shown: 1x1s in Emerald and Lagoon.

Are you considering a smaller sized tile for your project? If so, you can opt for us to sheet your tile or have it shipped to you loose. Generally speaking, all mosaic sizes (1x1, 2x2, 1x4, 1x6, 2" Hexagons and Small Diamonds) will be sheeted to your specifications and the cost is folded into their price.

Below are the answers to the top 4 questions we get about sheeting our tile:

What sizes of our tile are sheeted?
All of our mosaic sizes can be sheeted, though you can specify to have them loose if you'd prefer. Mosaic tile sizes are: 1x1, 2x2, 1x4, 1x6, 2" Hexagons and our Small Diamonds; for our Glass Tile we sheet our 2" Hexagons, 2x2s and Small Diamond sizes. We can also sheet sizes like our 2x4, 3x3 and 3" Hexagon and Triangles, but we charge an additional $5 per square foot. You can see our pattern offerings below.

A 1x1 focal point like the one below would be much simpler to install if the tiles are sheeted. We can absolutely put your chosen blend of colors in a randomized or custom pattern.

Tile Shown: 1x1s in Azurine, Lagoon and Martinique.

Sheeting is great for a size like our Small Diamonds if you want the set in a randomize Escher pattern like the one below:

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Martinique & St. Alban's Blue.

Does it cost extra to sheet tile?
The cost of sheeting mosaic sizes is folded into the price per square foot. You can see in the infograph below that pricing is incremental based on how many colors you would like to use in your project. It is also an additional $5 if you have a custom layout or pattern for your project.

How is the tile sheeted?
We sheet tile by the square foot using face tape to secure the tile. You or your installer can lay the tile out and only use spacers for inbetween sheets and trim (if applicable) as the sheets are already pre-spaced with appropriate grout joints.

Below is an example of what tile looks like when it is sheeted with face tape:

What are the benefits of sheeting tile?
Smaller sized tiles can be a bit more difficult to work with if you are doing a DYI project or have an installer that is not familiar with working with handmade tile. Basically, you or your installer will likely have an easier time, which is always a good thing!

Tile Shown: 2x8s in Slate Blue and 2x2s in Shale.

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